Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wicked Cinder

Back in October 2011, I posted this picture, and called it "Evil Cinderella". Over time I felt she didn't actually look that evil, so I decided to fix that by darkening the image, and adjusting her features. This resulted in the newer image of Evil Cinderealla, whom I now call Wicked Cinder, a far more sinister sounding name.

I can just see it, a dark masquerade held on a crisp, cold evening; Wicked Cinder traveling by carriage, coached by the Headless Horseman, and drawn by horses with red eyes and flames coming from their mouths. Woooo, sets my imagination tingling.

 The original (above) is not as dark, and her face is far too gentle looking to be evil. For original blog post to Evil Cinderella and her whereabouts, please click on the link http://pearllightstudio.blogspot.com/2011/10/evil-cinderella.html

Happy blogging, and safe celebrating for tomorrows holiday.^_^

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spider Web Costume

 Since the coming holiday of Halloween is just around the corner, it's time to share my more festive fashion designs. I invented this costume after having a day dream on what sort of character I could play in a monster film, and thus invented a spider themed dress I would wear, and my name would be Araqna Webster. 

I felt that this fashion design needed a frame or something to help it stand out, and this frame with web corners, and additional tectured underlay did just the trick. Kind of like a framed picture you'd see on a fire place mantel. 
 (Above) Originally the image didn't have long gloves, but medium length. Later I felt it needed longer gloves, and also additional make up to the girl's face, specifically eye decoration.

(Left) original pencil sketch before inking and scanning (Right) Inked image after scanning. For some strange reason the inking process sometimes changes the style slightly. When comparing the pencil drawing to the inked drawing, the pencil drawing looks more angular in the face than that of the inked drawing.

Enjoy viewing, happy blogging. ^_^

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stamped Motorcycle

Recently I've managed to clear off my craft desk, though the small corner is still a mess. And since I have some room for the moment, I made this picture to use in my journal. 

I've always had this idea, and have considered trying it for several months now. Finally, a few nights ago I managed to try it out. I'm actually quite surprised at the results, a beautiful motorcycle constructed entirely out of compiled stamping. I figured it would work, just takes a little thought and careful placement... not to mention inking can be slightly tricky when you only want to use part of the stamp. The only draw back to this, is that stamps don't always release their ink, resulting in faded spots. But I guess it gives character to the image, kind of like it's old and worn out.

I'm still thinking about whether to color the image or not, it all depends on whether it would look right on the journal page. The process isn't complete yet, so I may be posting more images of what I do with the picture at a later time.  ^_~

Friday, October 12, 2012

Black Rose party dress

 Once more I'm wearing black today. This is the second outfit I mentioned about in last post for the Gothic Rose dress. This party dress design is an outfit I still wish I could make to this day, with black sequins sewn on to a bouncy, light weight, white fabric. Everything goes by a black rose theme, and black and white has always been a special occasion combination, especially in orchestra. 

I used the same background as I did for the Gothic Rose, since I feel these two outfits match up with each other, and both contain black roses, a perfect theme.

This outfit design dates back to the same time as the Gothic Rose dress. In fact, I might have made these two designs in the same month. 

I've seen purses like the one I added to this dress, that would be a fairly simple accessory to find. The tricky part would be decorating the bottom edge of the skirt, you'd have to do it by hand with some kind of dye.

(Below) original image before background was added. I almost think the background works even better for this one. Gothic Rose was nice, but there's something I like about how it pulls together with this fashion design.
Happy blogging everyone. ^_^

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gothic Rose outfit

This Gothic rose dress is quite an old design of mine, dating back at least two..maybe three years. 

I wore black for the past three days, fit the weather; dreary, wet, and chilled. Being that the weather was dark for awhile there, and this is the month of delightfully dark decor,has motivated me to add some backgrounds to a few old fashion designs of mine.

I was going for a neo-Victorian design at the time of making this outfit, and honestly, wouldn't mind having a dress like this for myself. 

With a plain textured base, an attractive Nouveau rose motif, and a gray scale affect on the backdrop itself; I made a background that was entirely satisfying to my taste, and complimented the dark beauty of my fashion designs, this being the first. I'll share the second black and white outfit later.  

(Below) Original design before adjustment, and without background. When alone, it's just a design, but I feel the background really helps this dress stand out more.

Thanks for viewing, happy blogging. ^_^