Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wind-up web watch

 I absolutely love this new wind up watch, purchased off E-bay, strait from China. 
 It's a watch that will never need batteries, and is both stylish, and affordable. 

Its Gothic spider web cover gives this piece a strikingly elegant, yet mysterious design, and the tinted metal makes this style all the more beautiful. So say good bye to batteries, and say hello to truely original clock work.

This piece was purchased at roughly twenty dollars, only thing is, you have to wait quite some time before it arrives in the mail...after all, it's being shipped from China; free with gift box, chain, and instructions on how to use it.

 Close up of the cover

  The back of the watch is as interesting as the front; pressed with elegant leaves and flowers, surrounding a see through window for viewing the clocks workings. In motion the clock almost appears living. It's also fun when you place your ear next to it; you can hear it's clicking.
 A close up of the watch face. Yes, even the inside has a window for viewing its gears at work. The watch opens by a click top button, making it fast and easy to view the time.

There are many other designs you can get off E-bay, and quite a few come with Roman numerals on the face, I just prefer the Arabic numbers more.

 One of the things I love most about this watch is its glowing face. The glow in the dark face makes it all the more mysterious, fits the spider web look, and makes it so much easier to find in the dark.

Another thing I find interesting about this piece is how the clock face and hands are two different shades of green. As you can see below, the hands glow a brighter florescent green, and the face glows more of a light mint color.

And here is the YouTube video to show you what the watch is like when moving. 
Enjoy. Happy blogging. ^_^

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