Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Flounce Dolls

 These two little ladies were created on a pin-up doll generator from a website called dolldivine. Though in some ways an artistic cheat from my point of view, making these dolls was all at once enjoyable, and inspiring. And to share the enjoyment of digital doll making, here's the link to the generator specifically used for this style of doll.

In my boredom awhile back, I made quite a few other dolls before creating these two Autumn inspired girls. But now that the first day of Autumn has past, I felt like sharing something to welcome the season.

My first Autumn themed girl (above) I named Maple... perhaps her last name will be Goody. Her colors remind me of pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, apples and maple candy; all the yummy things that come with Fall. 

My second girl (above) I named Candy Apple, since I had a sudden craving for those soon after making Maple Goody. Candy Apple, if made into an actual character; has a sweet, tart personality, and hair that's blatantly red. Decorating the dolls can be slightly tedious if you're adding gem stones and details, one drag and drop at a time; but once you make them and save them to your computer, they serve as great images for postcards, trading cards, collage characters, and so much more.

So creating digital dolls online may seem kind of embarrassing, but in the artistic sense, can help you gain creativity when in a rut, gives you pictures to play with for personal use, and is just simple fun. 

Eventually I may use these digitally generated dolls in a few examples of usage as stated above, perhaps even include a tutorial or two on what I did with the images, and what purpose they served.

Until then, happy blogging, and stick around for more Autumn themed art pieces. ^_~

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