Monday, August 20, 2012

Titanium plated shell necklace

One of my newest, and favorite necklaces is this super heated Titanium shell necklace bought off E-bay. It's glowing ,rainbow metallic finish gives this piece a fantasy touch.

The frill of this natural shell makes it all the more whimsical, like you snatched it right off a mermaid's neck. 

This necklace also brings out the geekier side in me, and I feel it fits the style and color themes of my invented icon character, Pearllight....who's name is used for this blog (but that's for another post.)

Being that the shell is metallic on the surface, it changes tone depending on the light. (images above and below show the slight difference.

A close up of the shell, it mostly glows in colors of purple and blue, with tints of orange-yellow.
My favorite close up of the shell, I love the elegant metal work that surrounds the small purple stone above the main focal point.


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    1. No, so sorry I'm just seeing this. I don't sell things like this, but you can find similar pieces on E-Bay if you type in titanium plated shells. ^_^