Thursday, August 9, 2012

Recycled sketch book and drawings

 During my time spent back in Ohio, I got this 97 cent recycled notebook. for being less than a dollar, I must say the paper is still pretty nice. It's pages are a pleasant cream color, with added brown leaves at the bottom. Works nicely with marker and colored pencil, the mediums I've used on every page so far.

The name of this cute booklet,"I recycle great Ideas" reminds me of what Jenny does at Jenibellie Studio  and I thought of her when getting this book.

Below are the first two pictures I did in my book, and worked on the bird (left) while I was still in Ohio. I'll be making another post, and will include a few funny pages that follow after these.
I feel that I've used this book for drawings that are associated with nature, and things I feel look better on the cream paper, while still matching the style of the book itself. A notebook for different moods is good; this one I keep in my purse with another small black one.

While I was in Ohio, I had this strong desire to draw something, and I had a higher sense of creativity...not sure why. And one day I decided to draw a bird, with an added quote bubble that fit my mood. Because I was feeling creative, I felt I was finally letting my imagination free, which led to the two pages of motivation; to let your imagination soar, be creative, and be yourself.

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