Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4'th of July illustration

 As you know, yesterday was 4'th of July for all America; and out of the blue I felt like making an art piece for the day.

It's not a perfect picture, and came out the way it wanted to; I didn't really intend for the circle backdrops color to look more Christmasy than Fourth of Julyish, but at the time, the marker colors just seemed to go so well together, and I felt it needed green in there.

The mediums I used were permanent marker, jell pens, colored pencil, Le plume brush pens, and the last step was some digital enhancement.

I'm not usually one to do art for Independence day, but I was feeling on the irritated side after I went out for coffee to meet an internet friend of mine for the first time, and they never showed up. So I went back home, had dinner, and sat down to start an art piece in hopes of getting my mind off pressure that's been building up inside, due to certain circumstances.

You may wonder what I did on the fourth.......absolutely nothing. I ate, and sat around with my nose either at the computer screen, or in my large drawing book. Where are the fireworks? Well, lets just say where I live, it's too crowded to go anywhere, or do anything during holidays. As for local fireworks of the neighborhood, well........the place I live in has made it illegal to even have sparklers or small fountains. I know, right? What happened to independence?

Regardless of the "rules" though, there was someone in the neighborhood who launched off a few pretty bottle rockets, and I got to faintly see them through the bathroom blinds; unfortunately I couldn't open the blinds to get a better view, since I was about to get a shower.

(Above) I preferred the black backdrop over the stark white backdrop, but since I'm never fully sure, I also included the stark white page below.
Hope your July is doing great; the days leave me all the room in the world for art making, and I'll be sure to post more sometime soon.

P.S. I also hope more of you out there had a good Fourth of July. Happy viewing. ~_^

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