Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A vinatge twist in style

 I've been meaning to blog about these simple, yet pretty vintage style accessories I wore during my oldest sister's wedding last month. The necklace is so sparkling white you can't miss it, and the earrings were purchased for nine dollars at an antique store right there in Bucyrus. As for the flower, it was from the dollar bin at Johan's, and I found some leftover fabric lying in a bin at my Grandma's, used for the bride's veil. I felt the flower needed an extra twist to it, being that the theme of this wedding was suppose to be along the lines of 40's style; so I took this bit of fabric and slipped it onto the pin backing, resulting in what I feel was a perfect addition to my take on the 40's.

(above) my hair flower, which I kept in with a few hair pins.

(below) glowing so bright in the sun that it hurts, my necklace and vintage
clip on earrings, both meant to compliment my silver shoes (not shown).

  The final result when all was combined, to me it turned out great. 

Hope your blogging is going well, have an artsy week. ^_^

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