Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A vinatge twist in style

 I've been meaning to blog about these simple, yet pretty vintage style accessories I wore during my oldest sister's wedding last month. The necklace is so sparkling white you can't miss it, and the earrings were purchased for nine dollars at an antique store right there in Bucyrus. As for the flower, it was from the dollar bin at Johan's, and I found some leftover fabric lying in a bin at my Grandma's, used for the bride's veil. I felt the flower needed an extra twist to it, being that the theme of this wedding was suppose to be along the lines of 40's style; so I took this bit of fabric and slipped it onto the pin backing, resulting in what I feel was a perfect addition to my take on the 40's.

(above) my hair flower, which I kept in with a few hair pins.

(below) glowing so bright in the sun that it hurts, my necklace and vintage
clip on earrings, both meant to compliment my silver shoes (not shown).

  The final result when all was combined, to me it turned out great. 

Hope your blogging is going well, have an artsy week. ^_^

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4'th of July illustration

 As you know, yesterday was 4'th of July for all America; and out of the blue I felt like making an art piece for the day.

It's not a perfect picture, and came out the way it wanted to; I didn't really intend for the circle backdrops color to look more Christmasy than Fourth of Julyish, but at the time, the marker colors just seemed to go so well together, and I felt it needed green in there.

The mediums I used were permanent marker, jell pens, colored pencil, Le plume brush pens, and the last step was some digital enhancement.

I'm not usually one to do art for Independence day, but I was feeling on the irritated side after I went out for coffee to meet an internet friend of mine for the first time, and they never showed up. So I went back home, had dinner, and sat down to start an art piece in hopes of getting my mind off pressure that's been building up inside, due to certain circumstances.

You may wonder what I did on the fourth.......absolutely nothing. I ate, and sat around with my nose either at the computer screen, or in my large drawing book. Where are the fireworks? Well, lets just say where I live, it's too crowded to go anywhere, or do anything during holidays. As for local fireworks of the neighborhood, well........the place I live in has made it illegal to even have sparklers or small fountains. I know, right? What happened to independence?

Regardless of the "rules" though, there was someone in the neighborhood who launched off a few pretty bottle rockets, and I got to faintly see them through the bathroom blinds; unfortunately I couldn't open the blinds to get a better view, since I was about to get a shower.

(Above) I preferred the black backdrop over the stark white backdrop, but since I'm never fully sure, I also included the stark white page below.
Hope your July is doing great; the days leave me all the room in the world for art making, and I'll be sure to post more sometime soon.

P.S. I also hope more of you out there had a good Fourth of July. Happy viewing. ~_^

Sunday, July 1, 2012

An added detail to a past post

 For those of you who have been following my blog for a year, you would recognize this image from a post I did back in August of 2011, where I gave detail on the making of this image, see here

Lightning bugs have always been a magical part of summer evenings in my younger years; and for this years summer, I may make a few more lightning bug pictures, and group them as a series.
There may be a few I'll add to a journal or something, or I may just group them like I said.

Something that was completely enchanting was when we drove through the country roads of Ohio a few weeks back. If you looked across the grain and grass filled fields, you could see clusters of lightning bugs everywhere. During those moments, my mind went back to a few old memories of when I use to collect lightning bugs, and the time I spent with friends much loved..... 

I'm sure there are others out there who share a similar story to summer memories, and magical moments of lightning bug filled nights; and if you want, you could share your story on my site, as long as it's decent. 

Want to know the truth, I love anything that glitters or sparkles, living or not. ;D
I've decided to re-post the image, since it's so magical and pretty, and I left out an interesting behind the scenes extra that wasn't added to my old post; that would be that the image glows in the dark here and there (see below)
 I used glow in the dark paint to pull off this little extra, that can only be seen in the evening; same time the lightning bugs come out. :)

May all you artsy bloggers have a wonderful evening. Happy art making. ^_^

P.S. if you wish to share a lightning bug story, please leave a comment.