Saturday, June 2, 2012

Special occasion dress design

When I first laid eyes on this sparkly teal fabric, I was in love with it. Originally we were going to use this material for making an outfit I could wear to the wedding; unfortunately my mom has too much on her hands as it is, and never actually made the dress. Maybe someday we'll make it for fun, just because it's so pretty.

The white translucent fabric was bought as a lining for the jacket part to the dress, and the fancy flowered material is from the wedding fabric section of Joane's. As for the main solid material for the dress itself, that's been sitting with bunches of other fabric for many years now.

 As you can see in the above picture, the overlay has a nice scalloped edge and many glitter dots.

Below: This is my fashion design I drew shortly after we purchased the fancy fabric quite a few months ago. 

The design is based off an early 1940's evening dress pattern we plan to use for the dress someday. The only difference, is that we were going to shorten it, since I look better in shorter length dresses and skirts. That's why I went ahead and drew out the design of what it would look like actually made; while I was dreaming about it.

 Happy viewing. ^_^


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  2. That's some gorgeous fabric and a beautiful design. I hope everything turns out as you planned it^^