Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sparkling crystal flower necklace

 This sparkling crystal necklace has become one of my most favored pieces in my large jewelry collection. Where I found it? Being sold at a little store in Bucyrus Ohio named "U Be Dazzled".

This necklace was one of the first displays to catch my eye amongst all the sparkling hair jewelry, rings, and girly things the brightly colored place had to offer.

At 24 dollars with a matching set of earrings, and being made entirely out of glass, this necklace was in our eyes, a decent price. Something like this where I live would cost about 45 dollars or more; and it's not often you find something so pretty on display out in the open where I come from. 

"U Be Dazzled" is a very cute store, with bright pink walls, black bookcases, and jewelry everywhere. And yes, it's true, if you like sparkling things and girlish jewelry, you truly will be dazzled when stepping into this store.
 The necklace can go with almost anything, glowing and sparkling with every movement you make. In the sun it almost hurts to look at, as I displayed above in the picture.

It's quite a long necklace, but thankfully has an adjustable chain link. 

 A few close-ups (above and below) to let you see the flower better. 
 Something I do advise when owning glass crystal jewelry; occasionally use a computer screen wipe, or window cleaner and rag to be rid of skin oil that smudges up the glass. Not that I really need to give that tip, it's common knowledge, just figured I'd say so for the heck of it; keep that jewelry sparkling.
The matching earrings are very simple, and in some ways I wish they had flowers on them too, just like the necklace. But I guess it's good that the earrings are simple, that way they compliment the necklace, but don't distract from it....maybe that's the point.

Hope all is well on the artsy, blogging community. Have fun viewing, and feel free to drop by anytime. ^_^

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