Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Giant Heart Confetti

 Posting from Bucyrus Ohio, where I'm having to stay till my oldest sisters wedding is over with.
Here's a simple craft project I worked on finishing today with the help of my second oldest sister; giant heart confetti for decorating the reception tables a little more.
 It wasn't our idea to start them though, it was my grandmas; we just finished them. My sister and I made it into a game of cutting, gluing, folding, and trimming; trying to see how many we could do in the shortest amount of time.

You can see in the above picture how many hearts we had to make in order to fill two small baskets. Thankfully the heart shapes themselves were already cut out for us, we just had to bend and glue them to shape.

 Some of the hearts are textured scrapbook paper, and others are not. 
There are several different shades of pink, blue, and teal hearts in the bunch, but I feel the textured ones are most interesting.

Even during nightmarish trips like these, I still find myself with a strong urge to create; and it's a good thing too, arts and craft projects keep my mind occupied, and give me a temporary sense of relief from all the turmoil that unfolds every day, including all the stressful moments spent here.

Well, back to my notebook, and picture taking. I'll try to share my experience of this whole trip when it's over; till then, happy blogging, enjoy. :)

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