Friday, June 29, 2012

Leftover wedding goodies

 Getting back to blogging about all the goodies collected during our stay in Ohio. 
Today I'm sharing some of the collected wedding accessories; a wedding themed balloon and weight, one of the fluffy pew bows ( see below for a closer look) , the entire bag of giant confetti hearts I blogged about here , part of the aisle runner; an entire bag of leftover, silky fabric scraps, and dried bouquets from the wedding.

 The pew bows were made of a large amount of tulle, and the flower center was assembled by hand, using some of the same flowers from the reception bouquets.

 You may wonder what I'm going to do with part of an ails runner, an entire bag of paper hearts, and blue flower. The blue flower will be turned into a hair pin, I was going to experiment in making paper flowers with the leftover hearts, and as for the ails runner......I'm still thinking about what to use that for.

 I know I'm going to enjoy using this entire bag of beautiful fabric. It's all in my favorite colors, and there may be enough to make a pretty scarf or something.

 The wedding bouquets. going from left to right; one of the bridesmaid bouquets, a small flower bunch that was pinned to my Mom's jacket, and the bouquet I caught during the bouquet catch.

 Honestly, I wasn't expecting to catch the bouquet for lucky ladies. At first I wasn't even going to join the other girls in catching the little thing, but my uncles who were present, encouraged me to. I figured, why not, this will be the first time I try, and the only wedding my oldest sister will have. So I went up there, stood behind all the girls, knowing full well that's normally where the bouquet lands when the girls quarrel over it, and waited. When the bouquet was tossed, the girls cuddled close trying to snag it; during that time one of the roses broke, which was a shame. 
Suddenly the bouquet flew up in the air and landed on the floor, where I stooped and grabbed it. Though my little cousin snagged it with her pinky, soon to let go since she's not old enough by tradition to join. :P
My added pun to this surprising catch is that I like the bouquet, because it's Thera"pew"tic. :)

Anyway, that was about the only "exciting" part of the reception, and it was over in a heartbeat.

Hope all you blogging artists out there are having a great day.
I'll be sure to blog more sometime soon; till then, enjoy. ^_^

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  1. When you go for married at that time you will get so many goodies. In goodies mostly you get the flowers or bouquet. It looks beautiful.