Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home again with much to do

 Finally, after two weeks of being stuck in Ohio, I'm home.
I have to admit, the scenery, old buildings, and nicer personalities of a higher majority of people was  nice; but being that me and my family had to face a lot of stress during the trip, it was much harder to enjoy the simple things.

Dealing with my oldest sisters wedding was one thing; we got it over with and planned to leave soon after, but our plans were soon changed when suddenly my mothers mentally damaged brother died from choking. Because of this,we were stuck in Ohio for a week longer.

Remember me saying that I had a travel journal with me; well news is, I never worked in it. Why? you might wonder. Honestly, I found that during my trip, a new method of record keeping developed. Since all my favored supplies and workspace were back home, I didn't feel free to sit down and try working in my journal. Because of this, I found another way of working; I took notes in a small notebook that I keep in my purse, and when I had moments of peace, I would jot something down  and rewrite it on the computer. I collected objects on the way, and stuffed them in a small zipper bag (also kept in my purse). I did my best to keep track of each day and the object belonging to it; then I went in and wrote what objects belong to the day in red on my computer notes. Using this method helps me know what photos and objects go with each day, giving me all the time I need to sit down and plan out my journal pages. Now that I'm back, I can get photos developed, and start working on my book.

In the above image I'm showing some objects that I collected on the way: Some shopping bags, a few cards, bubbles, and a bag full of collected objects.

 I'm using a better bag to hold my found objects ( above) till I get to putting them in a book. It's amazing to me how much you can collect in two weeks.

 Above, bubbles from my sister's wedding. I plan to connect them to the book or use them as bottles for holding beads.
This bag became my best friend on the trip; an over sized laptop bag that I used to hold my craft supplies, and of course, my laptop. Unfortunately, I didn't get to use the large majority of supplies I brought with me, dew to stress and uncomfortable living quarters my grandma's house had to offer.

I still have much more to share, and so much to do, so stick around and visit often. 
Have a great weekend and happy blogging. :)

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