Monday, June 4, 2012

Fancy cord holders

 Here's an idea I've had for awhile. You know those old pom pom hair things some of us wore as little girls? Well, based off of those, I made fancy holders for keeping my technical cords together.

Cords are a bit like hair in some ways; they get tangled and wrap around each other, so I figured, why not make little hair things for holding them. 

They're very easy to make; all you need is some elastic beading twine, a fairly thick needle, some thread, and some sparkly beads. What you do is slip the beads on the thread, tack the threads together through the middle, wrap the excess thread around the middle for support, then go through and tack it. 

These new cord holders have proven to be very useful so far, hopefully they'll hold up on the long trip to Ohio this Thursday.

Below: a closer look at the holders and how they work 

 This is what they look like unfolded.

This is what they're like wrapped around cords.

Happy viewing ^_^

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