Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bouquet arrangments


Getting back to you after a long  time spent away from my blog. My art mood has been rather diminished for the past month, which is partially why I haven't been posting; but it's now returning to me.

I felt like sharing the most recent activity in my household; a table covered in foe flower arrangements for my oldest sister's wedding, coming up in a little over a week. My mom and second oldest sister have been snipping away at wire stems, and wrapping rubber bands around completed arrangements. Even more ridiculous, a large majority of the pink pansy flowers were hand painted by my second sister. Why did she paint the flowers pink? Well, because the white ones were cheaper, so my mom decided to just paint them on a budget

In honesty, this whole wedding thing is what's been keeping me from blogging as much. Too much pressure from all the drama, not just for me, but the family.

Pretty soon we'll be taking a trip up to Ohio for this wedding, which means my chances of blogging aren't too high; but I may come back and blog about my new travel journal I'll be taking with me. 

Stay tuned for a fashion design I did quite some time ago; and some pictures of the fabric that inspired me to draw it. :)

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