Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sparkling crystal flower necklace

 This sparkling crystal necklace has become one of my most favored pieces in my large jewelry collection. Where I found it? Being sold at a little store in Bucyrus Ohio named "U Be Dazzled".

This necklace was one of the first displays to catch my eye amongst all the sparkling hair jewelry, rings, and girly things the brightly colored place had to offer.

At 24 dollars with a matching set of earrings, and being made entirely out of glass, this necklace was in our eyes, a decent price. Something like this where I live would cost about 45 dollars or more; and it's not often you find something so pretty on display out in the open where I come from. 

"U Be Dazzled" is a very cute store, with bright pink walls, black bookcases, and jewelry everywhere. And yes, it's true, if you like sparkling things and girlish jewelry, you truly will be dazzled when stepping into this store.
 The necklace can go with almost anything, glowing and sparkling with every movement you make. In the sun it almost hurts to look at, as I displayed above in the picture.

It's quite a long necklace, but thankfully has an adjustable chain link. 

 A few close-ups (above and below) to let you see the flower better. 
 Something I do advise when owning glass crystal jewelry; occasionally use a computer screen wipe, or window cleaner and rag to be rid of skin oil that smudges up the glass. Not that I really need to give that tip, it's common knowledge, just figured I'd say so for the heck of it; keep that jewelry sparkling.
The matching earrings are very simple, and in some ways I wish they had flowers on them too, just like the necklace. But I guess it's good that the earrings are simple, that way they compliment the necklace, but don't distract from it....maybe that's the point.

Hope all is well on the artsy, blogging community. Have fun viewing, and feel free to drop by anytime. ^_^

Friday, June 29, 2012

Leftover wedding goodies

 Getting back to blogging about all the goodies collected during our stay in Ohio. 
Today I'm sharing some of the collected wedding accessories; a wedding themed balloon and weight, one of the fluffy pew bows ( see below for a closer look) , the entire bag of giant confetti hearts I blogged about here , part of the aisle runner; an entire bag of leftover, silky fabric scraps, and dried bouquets from the wedding.

 The pew bows were made of a large amount of tulle, and the flower center was assembled by hand, using some of the same flowers from the reception bouquets.

 You may wonder what I'm going to do with part of an ails runner, an entire bag of paper hearts, and blue flower. The blue flower will be turned into a hair pin, I was going to experiment in making paper flowers with the leftover hearts, and as for the ails runner......I'm still thinking about what to use that for.

 I know I'm going to enjoy using this entire bag of beautiful fabric. It's all in my favorite colors, and there may be enough to make a pretty scarf or something.

 The wedding bouquets. going from left to right; one of the bridesmaid bouquets, a small flower bunch that was pinned to my Mom's jacket, and the bouquet I caught during the bouquet catch.

 Honestly, I wasn't expecting to catch the bouquet for lucky ladies. At first I wasn't even going to join the other girls in catching the little thing, but my uncles who were present, encouraged me to. I figured, why not, this will be the first time I try, and the only wedding my oldest sister will have. So I went up there, stood behind all the girls, knowing full well that's normally where the bouquet lands when the girls quarrel over it, and waited. When the bouquet was tossed, the girls cuddled close trying to snag it; during that time one of the roses broke, which was a shame. 
Suddenly the bouquet flew up in the air and landed on the floor, where I stooped and grabbed it. Though my little cousin snagged it with her pinky, soon to let go since she's not old enough by tradition to join. :P
My added pun to this surprising catch is that I like the bouquet, because it's Thera"pew"tic. :)

Anyway, that was about the only "exciting" part of the reception, and it was over in a heartbeat.

Hope all you blogging artists out there are having a great day.
I'll be sure to blog more sometime soon; till then, enjoy. ^_^

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home again with much to do

 Finally, after two weeks of being stuck in Ohio, I'm home.
I have to admit, the scenery, old buildings, and nicer personalities of a higher majority of people was  nice; but being that me and my family had to face a lot of stress during the trip, it was much harder to enjoy the simple things.

Dealing with my oldest sisters wedding was one thing; we got it over with and planned to leave soon after, but our plans were soon changed when suddenly my mothers mentally damaged brother died from choking. Because of this,we were stuck in Ohio for a week longer.

Remember me saying that I had a travel journal with me; well news is, I never worked in it. Why? you might wonder. Honestly, I found that during my trip, a new method of record keeping developed. Since all my favored supplies and workspace were back home, I didn't feel free to sit down and try working in my journal. Because of this, I found another way of working; I took notes in a small notebook that I keep in my purse, and when I had moments of peace, I would jot something down  and rewrite it on the computer. I collected objects on the way, and stuffed them in a small zipper bag (also kept in my purse). I did my best to keep track of each day and the object belonging to it; then I went in and wrote what objects belong to the day in red on my computer notes. Using this method helps me know what photos and objects go with each day, giving me all the time I need to sit down and plan out my journal pages. Now that I'm back, I can get photos developed, and start working on my book.

In the above image I'm showing some objects that I collected on the way: Some shopping bags, a few cards, bubbles, and a bag full of collected objects.

 I'm using a better bag to hold my found objects ( above) till I get to putting them in a book. It's amazing to me how much you can collect in two weeks.

 Above, bubbles from my sister's wedding. I plan to connect them to the book or use them as bottles for holding beads.
This bag became my best friend on the trip; an over sized laptop bag that I used to hold my craft supplies, and of course, my laptop. Unfortunately, I didn't get to use the large majority of supplies I brought with me, dew to stress and uncomfortable living quarters my grandma's house had to offer.

I still have much more to share, and so much to do, so stick around and visit often. 
Have a great weekend and happy blogging. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Giant Heart Confetti

 Posting from Bucyrus Ohio, where I'm having to stay till my oldest sisters wedding is over with.
Here's a simple craft project I worked on finishing today with the help of my second oldest sister; giant heart confetti for decorating the reception tables a little more.
 It wasn't our idea to start them though, it was my grandmas; we just finished them. My sister and I made it into a game of cutting, gluing, folding, and trimming; trying to see how many we could do in the shortest amount of time.

You can see in the above picture how many hearts we had to make in order to fill two small baskets. Thankfully the heart shapes themselves were already cut out for us, we just had to bend and glue them to shape.

 Some of the hearts are textured scrapbook paper, and others are not. 
There are several different shades of pink, blue, and teal hearts in the bunch, but I feel the textured ones are most interesting.

Even during nightmarish trips like these, I still find myself with a strong urge to create; and it's a good thing too, arts and craft projects keep my mind occupied, and give me a temporary sense of relief from all the turmoil that unfolds every day, including all the stressful moments spent here.

Well, back to my notebook, and picture taking. I'll try to share my experience of this whole trip when it's over; till then, happy blogging, enjoy. :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fancy cord holders

 Here's an idea I've had for awhile. You know those old pom pom hair things some of us wore as little girls? Well, based off of those, I made fancy holders for keeping my technical cords together.

Cords are a bit like hair in some ways; they get tangled and wrap around each other, so I figured, why not make little hair things for holding them. 

They're very easy to make; all you need is some elastic beading twine, a fairly thick needle, some thread, and some sparkly beads. What you do is slip the beads on the thread, tack the threads together through the middle, wrap the excess thread around the middle for support, then go through and tack it. 

These new cord holders have proven to be very useful so far, hopefully they'll hold up on the long trip to Ohio this Thursday.

Below: a closer look at the holders and how they work 

 This is what they look like unfolded.

This is what they're like wrapped around cords.

Happy viewing ^_^

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Special occasion dress design

When I first laid eyes on this sparkly teal fabric, I was in love with it. Originally we were going to use this material for making an outfit I could wear to the wedding; unfortunately my mom has too much on her hands as it is, and never actually made the dress. Maybe someday we'll make it for fun, just because it's so pretty.

The white translucent fabric was bought as a lining for the jacket part to the dress, and the fancy flowered material is from the wedding fabric section of Joane's. As for the main solid material for the dress itself, that's been sitting with bunches of other fabric for many years now.

 As you can see in the above picture, the overlay has a nice scalloped edge and many glitter dots.

Below: This is my fashion design I drew shortly after we purchased the fancy fabric quite a few months ago. 

The design is based off an early 1940's evening dress pattern we plan to use for the dress someday. The only difference, is that we were going to shorten it, since I look better in shorter length dresses and skirts. That's why I went ahead and drew out the design of what it would look like actually made; while I was dreaming about it.

 Happy viewing. ^_^

Bouquet arrangments


Getting back to you after a long  time spent away from my blog. My art mood has been rather diminished for the past month, which is partially why I haven't been posting; but it's now returning to me.

I felt like sharing the most recent activity in my household; a table covered in foe flower arrangements for my oldest sister's wedding, coming up in a little over a week. My mom and second oldest sister have been snipping away at wire stems, and wrapping rubber bands around completed arrangements. Even more ridiculous, a large majority of the pink pansy flowers were hand painted by my second sister. Why did she paint the flowers pink? Well, because the white ones were cheaper, so my mom decided to just paint them on a budget

In honesty, this whole wedding thing is what's been keeping me from blogging as much. Too much pressure from all the drama, not just for me, but the family.

Pretty soon we'll be taking a trip up to Ohio for this wedding, which means my chances of blogging aren't too high; but I may come back and blog about my new travel journal I'll be taking with me. 

Stay tuned for a fashion design I did quite some time ago; and some pictures of the fabric that inspired me to draw it. :)