Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Working Type Writer

 Last Saturday this was sitting on the kitchen table, brought home from a yard sale. Not the first time an old typewrite has entered this house; what makes this one better than the last? Well, it's not rusty, and actually works. The ink tape is still pretty good too, even came with an extra package of it.

Still needs a little clean up hear and there, but it's already pretty polished. 

 It's pretty noisy when you type on it, but I like the sound. What's not so easy is how hard you have to press the keys to make the ink dark, and there isn't forgiveness in mistakes when using this machine.

What I plan to use it for: Making old style letters and quotes for my journal.
I think the ink tape may be double color, red and black, but I'm not sure. Maybe sometime I'll find out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chocolate chicken

   I couldn't resist taking  pictures of this chocolate chicken with eggs; originally meant for my oldest sister as an Easter present, but cost of shipping is too high. More chocolate for us I guess.

From what the package said, this chocolate chicken is a French brand.
"Cluck cluck", she's a flowery chicken.

Since the wrapper seam isn't perfect (usually never is on candy) the chicken looks on the Derpish side from front view, but that adds character.
  Their are four different egg colors; pink ,orange, blue, and green.
Final clucks from the chicken, "Buck cluck".