Monday, February 6, 2012

Small journal day inserts

Recently I've managed to complete several more pages for my 2010 journal.
Since some of my journal passages are far shorter than others, I decided to make small inserts for those very brief moments. Above are the first two pages I'll be adding to the second half of my 2010 journal.
They were very simple; all I did was make a large tag essentially, and embossed black flowers on the edge, with a little black chalk to pull it together. The black one with a coffee mug is a tag, makes a great insert if you add an edge for holes. Some people will punch strait through the tag to add in their book, but to me adding an edge and backing gives more room to write, and looks much cleaner.
Since the back of my medium insert seemed boring, I stamped some black dots on it. Not sure if I'll leave it the way it is, or add a picture to it. We''ll see when I start pulling my book together....whenever that will be.

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