Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Amora, an art request

 This picture is an art request I made for an old buddy of mine. The female fox in this golden desert scene is named, Amora.

I used an already existing desert background and altered it in Photo Shop. Though sort of cheating, I loved how well the picture went with the character, and felt it did the figure justice. 
In my opinion, the posterized realism combined with the painted cartoon style gave it a similar feel to the film,"Who Framed Roger Rabbit".  With a few touches of shading, I did my best to make the character "blend" with the photo.
 I'm not one for drawing animal characters; it's not actually my style, but I challenged myself to try something new, and outside my comfort zone. 

I used a new program called Corel Painter Essentials (a little bonus that came with our new bamboo tablet, a recent family gift) to color Amora. 
It was my second time using Corel Painter on this project, and I fell in love with the many different brush stroke options, including the digital airbrush, used for shading.
Since I don't like drawing digitally, that part I do on paper. Want to know a little secret? I traced a picture of a fox head, made a few adjustments, then used it as a starting point for the rest of Amora's body.

Here's a thanks to my friend for giving me this challenge.
Happy viewing.

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