Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Red bird, journal insert

 About a week back I experimented with some new sparkly red embossing powder. Decided to make a Christmas themed journal insert... or winter theme in a sense. I used a bird stamp that looked like a cardinal, added a snowflake up in the corner, and got a decently decorated card for writing on.

I've yet to add a backing to the card for support, probably going to use red paper with white stamping and translucent glitter emboss.... But that will be for another post.

Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas. Be sure to visit now and then, I plan to post more on projects I've done with these fun bird stamps during the season. ^_~ 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pun Page, Spear-A-Mint

Yet another pun page, fit for the season with flowing ribbons and a sweet mint. 
Once more, it's a simple play on words, where I was thinking of the word spearmint and thought spear-a-mint. I guess sometimes those sugar fairies can be a little feisty. XD

I had trouble deciding what colors to use, but settled on pink ribbon and teal, since spearmint is a green blue color. I think it came out fairly pleasant.... and yet, I can't help thinking of pepto bismole, or one of those digestive medicines. ^.^

I used Le Plume markers, Prismacolor colored pencils, and a little jell pen to color this sweet image in my recycled sketch book.

Hope your holiday season is going well. More to come in the near future, so be sure to drop by. ^_~

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ornament tags

 A little something I did because there weren't any decent tags for this vintage styled Christmas tree paper. I took a few circular tags, curved texture strip stamps on my acrylic block, embossed the designs in gold, then added jell pen and marker accents. That's it, and you get these really simple, yet cute little ornament tags for your gifts this season.

 Close ups of my tags (above and below) I used a green marker for the dots and squiggles at the bottom, a pink metallic jell pen for the center band, and a translucent sparkle jell pen for the faint lines surrounding the pink band.

Happy blogging and art making. Hope your holiday season is going well. ^_^

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pun Page Ear Wig

Here's a great way to keep your ears warm, and all at once stylish for this holiday season; "Ear Wigs!" the newest fashion accessory for every girls' ears.

This is a cheesy pun, I'll admit it. A play on words of an ear wig (obviously a bug) made me think, "Why do they call it an ear wig?" The image of a wig for ears followed after, so I drew the pun as an image in my recycled sketch book, the place where I draw a large majority of my puns.

I used markers, Prismacolor stick pastels, colored pencil, and jell pen to color the picture.

I was going for the big hair look, of a ridiculously frilly wig with pearls and blue ribbon, based off old French court styles.

The season is unraveling quickly, and I have so much to share still, so be sure to drop by. Happy art making. ^_~

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nouveau Christmas Card

 I assembled this card design in Photoshop, using a Nouveau motif, and a few images from Graphics fairy (The background and holly wreath); I also added in sheet music to the book on the piano, tweaked a few areas of the image itself, and colored it the way I pleased.

I made this card for my voice teacher, which is why it's both festive, and music themed. Back on Tuesday I gave it to him; he admired it for awhile, even jokingly said, "I'm surprised Hallmark is printed on the back of this." He was quite impressed by this fun card.

Below is the card after I assembled it. I printed out the image on photo paper... unfortunately it experienced some slight damage, but I figured it increased the aged look; so I didn't fret about it too much. I used a heavy weight, burgundy card stock; which really helped bring out the picture, specifically the main focal point (the lady in her pretty dress).

This Christmas card is what I consider a step up from last years comical card I made for my teacher I decided to go fancier, and wanted something that didn't take too long, but was still appealing as a card. The only thing that took time was coloring the motif image; beyond that it was just a few clicks, and the card was complete.

Above is the inside of my card. It needed a sheet of paper for writing on, so I cut some tan scrap book paper, chalked the edges with some pan pastels, and wrote down the message.

There you have it, a beautiful card for Christmas. ^_^

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Featured Artist of Jennibellie Studio TAT

Yes, that's right, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in TAT of Jenibellie's blog. Here's the TAT from today, featuring me ^_^

Being that this is a first for me, to even make myself known on someone elses blog, makes me feel rather awkward. When I wrote out my interview last week, I wasn't feeling well, and therefore feel I didn't do as good of job as I could have in explaining myself as an artists. I made it quite brief, nothing fancy, nothing too poetic either.... just wrote the only things that came to mind for this interview. To be honest, I did the interview to challenge myself, even went bold and revealed my age.. but I figure that doesn't matter, I'm still an artist in some way, regardless of how old I am.

One thing I do want to make clear though, because my featured post isn't the clearest; I (DO NOT) consider myself a great artist, and am making that clear in case I came across as sounding confident in the interview. I'm not confident, and I'm not usually bold either, but I figure at some point if I don't take a few risks, I'm never going to get myself out the door of possibility. 

Thanks to Jenny, I've tried putting my interest in journal making a little more, that's a plus. I've also been watching Jenny's TAT option from the very day she invented it, and have considered trying it from the very beginning. To top this all off, Jenny was the very first blog follower on my blog, and therefore I feel quite happy to participate as a featured artist on her blog.

Here's a thank you to Jenny, for being creative and care free in her art and in sharing with the artsy, internet community; encouraging even the quiet and somewhat fearful artists such as myself, to give it their best shot and stick their head out the door. ^.^

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Passion for Blue

 I've been in the most passionate mood for blue. Remember in last post I said I'd be sharing some new goodies and finished projects? Well here they are. ^_^

Above, the most interesting paper folder I've ever seen. Found it at the office store not long back, and was immediately attracted to it. The wonder of cyber space, mixed with a modern twist on the style of Art Deco, I just couldn't walk away from it. The flow of electric wire and a computer chip for hair, a headphone with its cord coiling downward, and a restful face of a cyber woman enjoying the music just pulled me in. Reminds me of something directly out of Tron. There was also a red version of this picture, but red doesn't appeal like blue when it comes to cyber space. 

Next on my blue goody line are these celestial nail polish colors. I've had such a craving for color, and these little 99 Cent bottles of polish were just so tempting. I don't wear nail polish often; in fact these are the first paints I've put on my nails in the last nine to ten years. I got the metallic base coat, and clear sealant later after my first try with the bottle of super sparkly glitter polish. It didn't dry quite as blue as I hoped, and became a very light purple shade with sparkles the longer it sat. That's when I decided it needed a base coat of blue, then a layer of sparkles, and then a clear coat to seal it, and prevent the rough feeling of dry glitter. 

Even the nail polish remover is blue (above left) they had it in pink too, but I wanted blue.

I've always loved celestial themes, which is why I love royal tones and sparkly things; exactly why I fell in love with these polishes so quickly. ^.^

This notebook (also from the office store) isn't entirely blue, but has that really pretty blue purple color in its details. My mom is the one who was first attracted to the book, and we were amazed by its holographic depth. So we got it to keep as an idea, feeling that someday this kind of hologram would be very interesting to apply as a wall paper in our dream coffee shop... if we ever get one.

And last on my blue list is the final page of my small purple journal, which I've been working in since late Setember of 2010, all the way through November 2012. Being that the last page happens to have lots of blue, I'm pitching it in to this post. 

I will be getting back to the subject of my journal sometime; it needs some decorative end papers and some painted inner covers; I may make a video on it, and share a few images on here along with the video itself. It will likely be some time till I get around to it (being that I have a load of projects as it is, and new ideas come swirling in every day), but sometime I'm going to try to get to it.

So happy blogging, stick around, and hope your projects are going well for this upcoming holiday season. ^_^

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reflection in Autumn

Reflection in Autumn

Another simple illustration I did during 2009 from my favorite sketch book.
I played around with the image a bit, couldn't decide if it looked better with an orange tint like an evening sunset, or whether it was fine the way it was. So I provide both versions above and below (above the enhanced version, and below the original).

The girl in the image is a representation of me, the artists. I guess I made the image dreaming of somewhere I'd like to be, so I could reflect and write in one of my many journals (which is why I drew a book in her lap, covered with her hands like she's protecting a treasure.) 

The mediums I used for this image were Prismacolor colored pencils, and watercolor pencils by Reeves.

I have many projects waiting to be started, and some being finished. Hopefully I can get up another post soon to show you my last journal page I'm doing in one of my small books (which is nearly complete). ^_^ I may also talk about some recent goodies I got, practically all of them in shades of blue, and so much more for later sharing.... so stick around, and stay tuned. :D

Happy blogging. ^_~

Monday, November 26, 2012

Study Time Dress

  This study time dress, a design based around library visits and schooling, was a simple outfit I thought up in bed one night after watching The Music Man, out of all things.

To pick up on the feel of study, books, writing; and reading in old libraries, I felt the dress should be displayed on an backdrop that picks up on that old, dusty feel. The background came from Graphics Fairy in the background section. I then added some Nouveau motif patterns to help frame the image. I used leaf and vine patterns, since leaves and vines pick up on the feel of Autumn, and fading shrubbery. 

I figure this outfit fits Autumn best, so I'm sharing it before the winter months come around. And truthfully, when I think of books and study, I think of Autumn. Even the outfit's colors, a pleasant yellow with a mix of brown, makes me think of Autumn leaves and cups of coffee.

This image might make a good journal insert in my opinion. Maybe someday I'll print it out and add it to a page, give it some cute ruled paper backing in the same dusty tone, and write something about it, or use it as just a journal spot. 

Hope you're having a good week. Happy blogging. ^_^

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pumpkin Cake Roll, Recipe

I finally finished! Yes, I finally made the pumpkin cake video, and did it before Thanks Giving. ^_^
Now for the most important part to this video, the recipe.  
  Pumpkin Pie Cream Cheese Roll Cake

3 eggs
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup powdered sugar
3/8 tsp. cream of tartar
2/3 cup pumpkin puree
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp. ground cloves
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp. ground ginger
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 cup chopped pecans


1 cup powdered sugar
8 oz. cream cheese
1 tsp vanilla
3 Tbsp. whipping cream

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.Place a sheet of parchment paper
on a 15x10x1 inch baking sheet making sure the parchment paper
is wider than the sheet.DO NOT GREASE!Separate eggs and bring to
room temperature. Mix flour, spices,and soda together. In separate
bowl beat egg whites with cream of tartar till foamy, slowly add
sifted powdered sugar while whipping till soft peaks form. Cover
with a damp cloth. In another bowl beat egg yolks, adding sugar
gradually, till it traces. Then add pumpkin puree and beat well.
Next fold 1/3 of the egg whites into the pumpkin yolk mixture
till it lightens then fold in rest of egg whites in two batches.
Dust the mixture with the flour folding it in a little at a time
till all the flour is incorporated.Gently pour batter onto ungreased
sheet pan and spread out evenly. Sprinkle with the nuts. Bake for 10-15 minutes or untill it springs back when touched. When done let cool slightly on a rack but leave in pan covered with a towel. Once it is cool enough to touch, remove from pan using the parchment paper. Place another piece of paper on top of the cake and flip it over. Remove the paper from the cake.Now dust a cloth or towel with sugar and flip the cake onto it.Cut off the edges,roll the cake up in the cloth and allow to fully cool.

To make the filling let the cheese soften. mix cheese, sugar,
cream and vanilla. Beat until fluffy.

Unroll cake and frost all but one inch from the  sides.
 Using the cloth, roll cake up from the short
side being careful not to squeeze all the frosting out. Once it is
fully rolled put cloth over it.Using a long stick or knife,hold
the upper cloth in place and pull the under cloth to close the roll
Chill the cake until ready to serve.
This recipe has been perfected and used by my older sister, all right are hers, and the cake is wonderful.

The thing that was a pain for me, and was so troubling for me to finish, was adding music to the video. This is the first YouTube video I've ever added music to, so it was a first, and it kind of hurt my head during the process. I'm happy to say though, that I took that challenge, and got through it. I also used annotations for the first time in making this video, and had to work purely from memory for details and tips on making the cake. 

That's it, enjoy, and have a great Thanks Giving. ^_^

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Farmer's Wall

 Farmer's Wall, 2009

 Yet another old piece from 2009, done with colored pencil, water color pencil, and marker.

 Being that the end of Autumn is nearing fast, I'm in a hurry to share seasonal images and projects, before Christmas whips around the corner and hits me in the back.

For many days I've been cracking down on video editing, specifically on a pumpkin cake recipe video. Hopefully I can get that made into a video, and uploaded to YouTube in the next few days. 

Being that the next blog subject is about pumpkin, I felt my old image, "Farmer's Wall" fit for an intro post. I do believe I based this image off a day dream of Cinderella checking her nails for dirt; Which is why the girl in this picture is gazing at her hand.

The warm glow of an Autumn sunset, with the scent of hay bales and pumpkins fit perfectly for the upcoming holiday, "Thanks Giving", day of hardy eating...mmmm. 

Farmer's Wall, before color adjustments

The original image of "Farmer's Wall", is far milkier in color since the scanner doesn't capture exact tone. Someday I may make a little post on what might have gone on in this day dream, with the question of what this girl was thinking, while looking at her nails. ^_^

Till next post, happy blogging. ^_~

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A sudden time of creativity

Autumn wind fairy.  An inspiration of color from 2009

Lately my creative side has been bustling about; so many colorful ideas passing by like colorful Autumn leaves in a cool wind.

I honestly don't know what's making me have such a surge of artfulness, but I like it, and am wanting to embrace it while I can.

In this month I've been working on a pumpkin cake role cooking video, hopefully I'll get to share it soon. I've also had several book ideas, all of them made of recycled material, with some scrapbook stuff thrown in. One of them is a Smoked Salmon book, another one a cute girly book for anything I please; and the last one a homemade sticker book for fun, and easy storage. Not sure if I'll actually get those made this month, but the idea is what counts, and I've sketched them out so I can go back and make them later.

I've also had several photography ideas, and several more video ideas, piled in with extra projects yet to be made. 

Besides the artsy side of making things, I also observed how to make lip balm last night, and am so pleased to have more for my poor little lips. I was at the end of my bottle, scraping out any bit of cream left to moisten my lips just a little. Next skin care project is to make lotion for my hands and legs, hopefully I can have some of that made in a few days.

A few more details on the picture above. I made it back in October 2009; using watercolor pencil, colored pencil, and pastel. I felt she fit the subject, since she's a colorful Autumn fairy, walking on the wind while colored leaves dance passed her, like colorful ideas carried by the wind.  

I hope to blog about more soon. Hope Autumn is going well for you, happy viewing, and stay tuned. ^_^ 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wicked Cinder

Back in October 2011, I posted this picture, and called it "Evil Cinderella". Over time I felt she didn't actually look that evil, so I decided to fix that by darkening the image, and adjusting her features. This resulted in the newer image of Evil Cinderealla, whom I now call Wicked Cinder, a far more sinister sounding name.

I can just see it, a dark masquerade held on a crisp, cold evening; Wicked Cinder traveling by carriage, coached by the Headless Horseman, and drawn by horses with red eyes and flames coming from their mouths. Woooo, sets my imagination tingling.

 The original (above) is not as dark, and her face is far too gentle looking to be evil. For original blog post to Evil Cinderella and her whereabouts, please click on the link

Happy blogging, and safe celebrating for tomorrows holiday.^_^

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spider Web Costume

 Since the coming holiday of Halloween is just around the corner, it's time to share my more festive fashion designs. I invented this costume after having a day dream on what sort of character I could play in a monster film, and thus invented a spider themed dress I would wear, and my name would be Araqna Webster. 

I felt that this fashion design needed a frame or something to help it stand out, and this frame with web corners, and additional tectured underlay did just the trick. Kind of like a framed picture you'd see on a fire place mantel. 
 (Above) Originally the image didn't have long gloves, but medium length. Later I felt it needed longer gloves, and also additional make up to the girl's face, specifically eye decoration.

(Left) original pencil sketch before inking and scanning (Right) Inked image after scanning. For some strange reason the inking process sometimes changes the style slightly. When comparing the pencil drawing to the inked drawing, the pencil drawing looks more angular in the face than that of the inked drawing.

Enjoy viewing, happy blogging. ^_^

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stamped Motorcycle

Recently I've managed to clear off my craft desk, though the small corner is still a mess. And since I have some room for the moment, I made this picture to use in my journal. 

I've always had this idea, and have considered trying it for several months now. Finally, a few nights ago I managed to try it out. I'm actually quite surprised at the results, a beautiful motorcycle constructed entirely out of compiled stamping. I figured it would work, just takes a little thought and careful placement... not to mention inking can be slightly tricky when you only want to use part of the stamp. The only draw back to this, is that stamps don't always release their ink, resulting in faded spots. But I guess it gives character to the image, kind of like it's old and worn out.

I'm still thinking about whether to color the image or not, it all depends on whether it would look right on the journal page. The process isn't complete yet, so I may be posting more images of what I do with the picture at a later time.  ^_~

Friday, October 12, 2012

Black Rose party dress

 Once more I'm wearing black today. This is the second outfit I mentioned about in last post for the Gothic Rose dress. This party dress design is an outfit I still wish I could make to this day, with black sequins sewn on to a bouncy, light weight, white fabric. Everything goes by a black rose theme, and black and white has always been a special occasion combination, especially in orchestra. 

I used the same background as I did for the Gothic Rose, since I feel these two outfits match up with each other, and both contain black roses, a perfect theme.

This outfit design dates back to the same time as the Gothic Rose dress. In fact, I might have made these two designs in the same month. 

I've seen purses like the one I added to this dress, that would be a fairly simple accessory to find. The tricky part would be decorating the bottom edge of the skirt, you'd have to do it by hand with some kind of dye.

(Below) original image before background was added. I almost think the background works even better for this one. Gothic Rose was nice, but there's something I like about how it pulls together with this fashion design.
Happy blogging everyone. ^_^

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gothic Rose outfit

This Gothic rose dress is quite an old design of mine, dating back at least two..maybe three years. 

I wore black for the past three days, fit the weather; dreary, wet, and chilled. Being that the weather was dark for awhile there, and this is the month of delightfully dark decor,has motivated me to add some backgrounds to a few old fashion designs of mine.

I was going for a neo-Victorian design at the time of making this outfit, and honestly, wouldn't mind having a dress like this for myself. 

With a plain textured base, an attractive Nouveau rose motif, and a gray scale affect on the backdrop itself; I made a background that was entirely satisfying to my taste, and complimented the dark beauty of my fashion designs, this being the first. I'll share the second black and white outfit later.  

(Below) Original design before adjustment, and without background. When alone, it's just a design, but I feel the background really helps this dress stand out more.

Thanks for viewing, happy blogging. ^_^

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Flounce Dolls

 These two little ladies were created on a pin-up doll generator from a website called dolldivine. Though in some ways an artistic cheat from my point of view, making these dolls was all at once enjoyable, and inspiring. And to share the enjoyment of digital doll making, here's the link to the generator specifically used for this style of doll.

In my boredom awhile back, I made quite a few other dolls before creating these two Autumn inspired girls. But now that the first day of Autumn has past, I felt like sharing something to welcome the season.

My first Autumn themed girl (above) I named Maple... perhaps her last name will be Goody. Her colors remind me of pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, apples and maple candy; all the yummy things that come with Fall. 

My second girl (above) I named Candy Apple, since I had a sudden craving for those soon after making Maple Goody. Candy Apple, if made into an actual character; has a sweet, tart personality, and hair that's blatantly red. Decorating the dolls can be slightly tedious if you're adding gem stones and details, one drag and drop at a time; but once you make them and save them to your computer, they serve as great images for postcards, trading cards, collage characters, and so much more.

So creating digital dolls online may seem kind of embarrassing, but in the artistic sense, can help you gain creativity when in a rut, gives you pictures to play with for personal use, and is just simple fun. 

Eventually I may use these digitally generated dolls in a few examples of usage as stated above, perhaps even include a tutorial or two on what I did with the images, and what purpose they served.

Until then, happy blogging, and stick around for more Autumn themed art pieces. ^_~

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fairy

A project I started last night and finished today, the pumpkin patch fairy postcard. Being that the first day of Autumn is this weekend, I've been feeling a little festive.

I was motivated to make this picture after chatting with an internet friend of mine last night, who so enthusiastically wanted me to see the postcards they made in Photoshop class. After looking at the first postcard, I was actually impressed by the composition. Soon after seeing this postcard, I felt encouraging and enthusiastic for my friends work, feeling that he may have more potential in certain art forms than expected. But oddly enough, I felt challenged to make something in Photoshop myself after that, and an idea started whirling in my cranium. 

I couldn't help myself, just had this urge, and started forming a digital collage for Autumn; working around the idea of a pumpkin patch fairy, something I've always liked the idea of, and have even incorporated the idea in past art pieces, specifically in one of my journals.

While I worked, I kept thinking about Autumn sunsets, and wanted the picture to have a brightness to it, similar to the glowing shades of colored leaves and golden orange pumpkins. Being that the imagery used is old, and somewhat muted in tone, I adjusted a few things to get that sunset glow I was aiming for. But since I feel it's all a matter of taste, and that the muted one is great if you want to keep the antique feel, I saved both versions, brightened and muted. I feel that they both have a certain unique feel to them; the brightened version has a more enchanted Autumn feel in my opinion, and the original muted version has an old postcard feel...with a slightly more rustic October touch.

Almost all the images used in this picture I found on the Graphics Fairy blog Everything from the textures, frames, pumpkin patch image, and butterfly wings. The only one I'm unsure of is the lady I used as the fairy.... I cant quite remember where I got her, and also the first image below on the left I'm unsure of too.

I share all the images used in my picture, because I feel it can be helpful and enjoyable to find out how the artist used the images, and made a new picture out of many existing ones.
(Above left) I stretched this one out and used it as the base backdrop. (Above right) I used this as the outer frame, obviously.

(Left) I used the orange backdrop for adding color, and to give the sky a faint texture. (Right) I used this for ground texture, you can barely notice it's there, but I used it to fill in abnormal cracks of the image.
(Left) butterfly wings used to make the dancing Cirque gypsy into a fairy. (Right) Dancing circus gypsy postcard, I think she makes a perfect Autumn fairy.
(Above) dead trees used in background to add more interest, and make it feel more like late Autumn.
(Below) The pumpkin patch image that served as the main foreground, and I have Graphics fairy to thank for such a useful picture. 
I have quite a few projects in store for this Autumn, not sure if I'll get to most of them, but I'll try to share whatever I manage to cross off my list. I might even use this new image, and make a cool postcard for one of my journals. Only time will tell, so feel free to visit. Happy blogging. ^_^

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wind-up web watch

 I absolutely love this new wind up watch, purchased off E-bay, strait from China. 
 It's a watch that will never need batteries, and is both stylish, and affordable. 

Its Gothic spider web cover gives this piece a strikingly elegant, yet mysterious design, and the tinted metal makes this style all the more beautiful. So say good bye to batteries, and say hello to truely original clock work.

This piece was purchased at roughly twenty dollars, only thing is, you have to wait quite some time before it arrives in the mail...after all, it's being shipped from China; free with gift box, chain, and instructions on how to use it.

 Close up of the cover

  The back of the watch is as interesting as the front; pressed with elegant leaves and flowers, surrounding a see through window for viewing the clocks workings. In motion the clock almost appears living. It's also fun when you place your ear next to it; you can hear it's clicking.
 A close up of the watch face. Yes, even the inside has a window for viewing its gears at work. The watch opens by a click top button, making it fast and easy to view the time.

There are many other designs you can get off E-bay, and quite a few come with Roman numerals on the face, I just prefer the Arabic numbers more.

 One of the things I love most about this watch is its glowing face. The glow in the dark face makes it all the more mysterious, fits the spider web look, and makes it so much easier to find in the dark.

Another thing I find interesting about this piece is how the clock face and hands are two different shades of green. As you can see below, the hands glow a brighter florescent green, and the face glows more of a light mint color.

And here is the YouTube video to show you what the watch is like when moving. 
Enjoy. Happy blogging. ^_^