Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trader Joes paper bag books

 Hello everyone, hope your holiday season was a good one. Today I'm sharing with you the books I made the week before Christmas. All of them are made from Trader Joe's grocery bags.
The two above turned out to be my favorites. 

This project started from bunches of Trader Joe's holiday themed bags, all which I saved for the interesting tags and garland strips printed on them; but when I finished taking apart the bags, I had some leftover bag ends, so I got the interesting idea to try making another junk book, or in this case several junk books.

On the one book (left side in the above picture) I used some brown card stock from my scrapbook pile and used a roller stamp to make the pretty red flowers; then I cut the main label from one of the bags, and added some green garland at the top with marker pens. The inside has a total of two signatures made from the one side of the bags.

On the right is the mini album I made of bag ends, that's the second one I made after my first try on the grocery bag book (see below)
 In my opinion, this book came out cute. It was my first try in making a book out of paper bag ends, and it worked.  Adding the handles was a last minute idea, and I was very pleased with the cute results of a shopping bag/book. It's a one signature booklet with inner cover pockets.  

(I plan to give instructions on how to make your very own bag/book at a later time, so stick around.)

From side view on my two holiday books, I used the garland strips that came on the bags as a decorative spine. These two were a little more complicated than the first book I made. 
In case you're wondering, I used the wiggly lined garland strip for the book on the right, because to me it looked like bacon. 
 For my holiday booklet, I used one of the tags to add interest to the inner cover. And as you can see, I used the back part of the bags that had instructions on how to use the garland strips and tags; which if folded into signatures makes very interesting pages to work on (See below).
 This is the middle of the book where the two signatures meet.
Last on the Trader Joe's book list is the inner cover of the (bacon book) as I call it. I just used handle parts to strengthen the edge, then wrapped the garland strip around around the cover. And to fill in the blank spot where the ends meet, I added a star that also came on the bag.

Hope you guys enjoy, stick around for upcoming instructions in the future. :)

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  1. These are great!! I've been hoarding a loccitane bag I've been wanting to turn into a journal for aggggggggggges, but you know how things go, a million and one projects trying to get done at once. Love the insides too, great work!! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, much love Jennibellie x