Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A few New Goodies

I've been meaning to talk about my new,exciting, and very strange art supplies I  recently received. Starting off with the above picture, some metal roof flashing; great for transfers, props, jewelry, and journals all the things I plan to try it with, and to be honest never have, so this is a first. Also a 16 gauge wire for several different projects that happen to be among the unfinished thirty piled up.

 Now then, have you ever had the idea of trying eye shadows and other girly cosmetics for adding charm to your art? No....well neither have I, but I've been desperately wanting to experiment with that idea in mind,  and finally got the perfect set of eye shadows to do it.
 Aren't the colors stunning, whimsical and perfect for my style, now finding a project to test them on as I would with regular art chalk, hmmmmm..... I'm positive I'll find something. 
Last on our list of beauty-art products are the three items above: Black crackle nail polish, clear nail polish, and a strange glass jar of body glitter with smaller letters labeled "Fairy Dust".
         The black and clear nail polish I commonly use for ending off fine fabrics, threads, and patching up holes in my leggings, hehe.  As for the body glitter, I loved it's super sparkly look, so I'm going to give it a try as regular glitter on certain projects.

Well, wish me luck with my experimenting....I'll share the results sometime in the future.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Drained- ATC Card

Sorry I haven't been posting, my camera ran out of juice not too long ago so I haven't been able to take photos of my recent projects. But have no fear, I have a new set of rechargeable batteries in, and may be posting more projects soon.  

To be honest I've been wiped out myself, in fact this blog seems to have little views so I figured I'd go dormant for awhile, and keep my mind purely on finishing the some thirty projects that haven't been done over the years. I figured, do the projects, challenge myself to take one step at a time, and blog later. So as a warning, don't expect a post each day.

The above image is an ATC card, I just used a small card because I needed something small and quick for my picture. With a little marker and jell pen I successfully expressed my drained camera.

Well, hope to see you around; I'll try to post now and then, but don't be too hopeful. 

See you guys. -_~