Sunday, October 16, 2011

Recycled Journal element

I finally got to making my very first recycled envelope pocket; and discovered that I love the results. The yellow went perfectly with my chosen background, so I used it.  Just a little bit of decorative scrap paper and some stamping gave my new add-in a perfect touch. I also cut the top edge with decorative scissors so it didn't look so junk-ish.

I felt like trying to use some scrap papers that sit around in the drawer, so I went digging and found perfect materials to make a little book that slips inside the pocket. 

One thing that always irritates me is that when I go and make something and approach it with a carefree spirit, it ends up turning out better than I expected, making me almost fearful to use it for my original intentions.

Here's a quick look at the inside; the pages were sorta tricky since I couldn't fold the paper without them being too small. So I took the cut ends and used those to glue the pages together. That approach also gave me a place to sew.

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