Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Illustration Friday "Contraption"

Elfin Mixer (Elf Harness Included)

 How to Use
  1. Place bowl beneath mixing frame
  2. Find yourself an elf
  3.  Strap elf into harness
  4. Place elf on mixing bike
  5. Strap harness to mixing frame
  6. Tell elf how fast to pedal
  7. Remove elf and enjoy 
Cooking tip-  For an extra magical taste, leave off elf headband

WARNING: Watch out for elf hair 
Hope you enjoyed the instructions on how to use this fairytale mixer of the past. I think it's a perfect contraption, and can see it being used by many people; not just for making whip cream, but also for punishing naughty elves.


  1. Great illustration! I loved your instructions for this contraption as well. Very clever idea! :)