Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Illustration Friday "Mesmerizing"

This weeks word mesmerizing caused my brain to stir, and I ended up with a silly idea.   What better image than a man playing music, causing the snake to be stuck in a trance while the notes float around his head.

It might be sorta hard to notice the swirlys in his eyes, but trust me, they're there, the image is just small.  

 A few extra details:  
 This is predominately a digital collage, but I hand drew the snake and man playing ; then scanned the page and digitally colored them in. I guess I was just feeling lazy, and also didn't have a whole lot of time to hand draw and color all the textiles and stuff.

Ok, I sorta cheated, no big deal. Besides, I'm really starting to love this art form for so many reasons. No worries though, I will always love real media and art styles for many projects to come.

 Also (above) is what the picture looked like before I added necessary shading, musical notes, level tweaks, and cropping. I felt cropping the image helped you focus more on the man, not so much shyly watching him from a distance.

Hope you drop by and have fun viewing. :)

1 comment:

  1. Its funny, my I.F. post look similar:
    We both used curtains to frame the photo :) I guess great minds think alike?