Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1 for Big Idea Festival on BPC

First word of the day for the Big Picture Classes website Big Idea Festival is "Share".  Since you may not understand where I'm coming from, here is what this free class on Big Picture is: It's where you have twelve days, and each day has a word given by one of the teachers on Big Picture. They provide a template you can use, having to do with the word , or you can make you're own. They randomly give away prizes meaning that you may be lucky and get something just for showing your work.
Anyway, I'm going to do my best and try to keep up with each day till all twelve are finished.

This page I plan to use in my journal someday. Right now the words to write on the page haven't quite formed in my head, which is why it remains incomplete. But don't worry, when I do finally find a purpose for it, I may show you when it's part of my book.

I used the template provided and printed it out on brown craft paper, card stock- like in thickness. At first I was going for as music theme, but then dragged away and started contemplating on how I like to share stories with friends, which is where the whole butterfly fairy stamp came in. That may actually be what I use the page for, to say how I like sharing stories. Anyway, after stamping the butterfly on, I colored it with colored pencil. Then the flowers on the edge were gold embossed. I also stamped the top and bottom edge to pull it together. As a final touch I added a little transparent glitter embossing to the butterfly's wings and to the little fairy body in the middle. It's hard to notice the glitter, but it's there. So for the most part, it may have been what I consider a slight cheat page, but it still came out pretty.

Perhaps in the end of twelve days, if I last that long, I can make a video and display each of the twelve pages. But that's only a maybe.........

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