Saturday, August 13, 2011

Magical light of the Summer Night

I know it's sorta late for lightning bugs, but I finally made this picture magical in appearance.

The image itself is from a Dover coloring book that I scanned and printed out on watercolor paper. Then I went and painted it with acrylic. As for the gold designs on the bug, those were my own special touch done with gold jell pen. I guess to give it an even more whimsical feel.

Again, the background that looks like clouds and a coast line in the distance was actually a mistake due to the wash being uneven, so I went with it and sure enough it came out more magical than I intended.

My original intention with this picture was to add a fairy riding on top of the lightning bug, but I decide not to go with it since out of my families opinion it was pretty by itself.

The final touches I added to this picture was done digitally. I went and took images from a Nouveau Dover image CD and then adjusted them to size and added them as flowy plant life in the foreground. After that was finished I added some color to the flowers and added more glow to the lightning bugs. Then to make it feel really night-like I adjusted the brightness, and Ta-da, ended up with the final piece.

Now just because I added in the plants digitally doesn't mean I couldn't have done it with actual collage. Digitally is just less time consuming.....not to mention I don't know how else to get that perfect glow with actual media.

Well hope you enjoyed this picture that in my opinion portrays the magical feeling of lightning bugs in Summer.

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