Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Macrame' necklace,

Since I faced a sudden issue of this beautiful piece breaking in one spot while it was on my neck today, I've decided to finally post my handy work.

Thankfully my sister was able to fix it. For a moment there I was beginning to think that I'd have to remake the whole thing, but thank goodness that wasn't the case. So here it is, the macrame' necklace that I did mostly on my own and was quite happy with after all the work I put into it. I did this a long time ago... the design is from a book I own, see below.

This book has beautiful designs to work with. Though in the case with my necklace we had to adjust it since the center bead was bigger than the size bead required in the book.

In the end about two, three weeks of work and many hours of patience, and I ended up with my necklace. My working surface by the way, was some padding and a pillow case attached to a clip board. Oh, and lots of pins. Also the strings were so long that it was like trying to weave mermaid hair. It got very annoying, but that problem was fixed when we wrapped each strand on thread cards.

Here is a final close up of the piece. Someday I may make a matching bracelet. By the way, this necklace happens to be some of my favorite colors.

I sure hope this won't break again, considering all the work I had to do...... I'm almost afraid to wear it now.

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