Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Illustration Friday "Obsession"

This weeks word, "Obsession" inspired me to make this picture. This would be my obsession for paper and pens. I enjoyed giving the girl a somewhat zany, cute look. It took me awhile to decide her clothing color since I was trying to make her stand out on the dark brown bookcase, and yet not make her so overly bright that it hurts to look at. I ended up using some of my favorite colored blues, resulting in an outfit I would love to wear.

I painted the background with acrylics on vellum paper, used brown scrapbook paper to make the book case, and the rest was done on card stock then colored with colored pencil.
And as for the pens the girl is holding , also the ones in the cups, I just used my jell pens to give them color.

Enjoy...... :D

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