Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 9 Big Idea Festival

Today's word is "Free".  I took a simple approach of doing less embossing and more regular stamping this time. My color scheme consisted of white, blue, and yellow; with a hint of gold emboss and of course green. 

I chose the dragonfly stamp because it has birds in it; and to me birds plus the dragonfly shape, both flying creatures, work for the word free. Free to fly away, free to enjoy the beauty of flowers, and so on.

I feel like this page came out better than a few of my last ones, considering it's based more off the design of my very first page...... the one that was most liked, yeeeeah.....

Anyway, only three days left, be sure to drop by and view all my work at the end of twelve days.
Hope you like the next three, whatever those might be.

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