Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 7 BIg Idea Festival

 Ok, day seven's word is "Cherish".  Since I wasn't too in the mood to do a page today, it didn't turn out quite so extravagant. In fact it's really quite simple....almost too simple in my opinion. But the whole point was to bring focus to the picture of me and my best friend when she still lived here. I cherished the moment captured through this picture because we were at a pizza place for dinner and just being near her made me happy.

I did my best not to distract from the photo, but still keep color coordination going on the page. So I colored the stamped design with colors that were going on in the picture, including ones you wouldn't notice too much; like the yellow flowers in the background behind my right shoulder.

Anyway, this page was quick and easy, and was about the only thing I could think of to express a moment I cherished.

Now since the cherish page doesn't please me too much, I also wanted to share one of my favorite journal pages, also having to do with a moment I cherished with my friend. This was taken outside in her front yard, and to my delight I had the most perfect color matching scrapbook paper I could get my hands on. It amazes me how well it picks up on the photo. And then I added the dimensional butterfly stickers to give it a little more "pop" . So I know I'm happy with this page because to me it's prettier and well thought out.

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