Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 4 Big Idea Festival

Today's word is "Give" .  While I worked on this page I felt like giving up now and then since it didn't seem to be coming out the way I hoped. After I fully worked on it and pushed myself to finish I guess it's no so bad. But still there seems to be something about it that daunts me. It could just be artist syndrome where you as the artist always feel like somethings wrong with your art.

Anyway, I was thinking about writing something like how I give my love to those who need it. But I'm still contemplating on the write choice words for the actual page that will go in my journal someday.
Honestly I feel like this art I'm doing has no meaning or purpose, I'm just doing it because I need something to do.

One other thing I became part of was this thing called WOYWW, which I confess, discovered about through my only followers blog. I thought the site sounded interesting and decided to give it a try. Of course what you see on my blog now and for the next eight days is what's on my work desk. And soon displayed on here.

If you have any advice or just a simple comment of liking I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the pages.

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