Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 3 for Big Idea Festival

All right, today's word is "Less".  Reason for such a late blog post is because I practically just finished it. I guess you could consider me a midnight artist.

One thing I will mention is that this page is the original image before I digitally added text in. The one with text is on Big Picture. Reason being is because I wasn't fully sure if I considered the words I wrote official text for the actual page itself.  If you're curious, this is what I wrote, "Lets face it, we all wish life had less heart ache, But I've noticed the less you think about how sad things are, the less burdensome your day may be."

As before, I used brown craft paper, a material I may use for all the 12 pages. And just like yesterday I hand drew the girl, who came out looking very close to the way I do.

You may not notice it, and thankfully the brown paper has a golden-like appearance, but I actually forgot to add color to the lines of the pillow the girl is leaning on. But since the brown paper is a gold color it's not noticeable, and actually compliments the rest of the page.  

 Also, I added collage this time by cutting a heart out of some purple scrapbook paper. And then I did some black embossing on it. At first I was thinking about making a cracked heart look since this page sorta has to do with heart ache, but I didn't have the materials to pull it off so it would still fit with the old style of the page; So I improvised.

At first I was thinking about doing black embossing on the edge, but after thinking about it, the gold still worked better since it picked up on the gold in the pillow.

So there you have it, day 3 journal page. Be sure to check back for more, if I last that is..... :)

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