Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2 for Big Idea Festival

Ok, similar style to yesterday, only with a hand drawn touch. Today's word is "Wonder" . Again, I didn't add words just because I want to save these pages for the right or special moment.

I think that I may continue this style for the rest of our 10 words to go. I like the look and find this set up useful for journal pages. And I'm beginning to love brown craft paper; it works marvelously with colored pencils. 

I'm thinking that this page may be used for a time I'd like to tell about the wonder of singing. After all, I love singing, even if practice is difficult.

Anyway, I hand drew the singing girl, and used a stamp for the top right corner, just like yesterday. Then I used colored pencil for the two, which is why it's so soft and glowy in appearance. Again I did gold embossing on the top and little bit of the left edge. I was thinking about adding embossing all the way around, but decided that would be way too gaudy. The final touch was some clear glitter emboss to the pearl necklace and there you have it, a journal page of wonder.

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