Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 12 Big Idea Festival

All righty, the last word for Big Idea Festival on BPC is "Play".  For my page on play the very things that came to mind were the things I enjoy right here at Pearllight Studio.  I had fun playing around with the page to make it look pretty, and it came out beautifully.

To get my symbol perfect I simply printed it out and made a paper stencil. Then I used colored pencil here and there, and lots of embossing. One thing you can't notice, as usual, is the sparkly clear stuff on the shell and pearl. Those details may show up if I do a video.  Anyway, a little extra interest that I tried for the first time was adding some craft flowers with a pretty gem center. I also used white pastel to give that pearl some extra glow. And in case you're wondering, I used the fantasy letter stencil for the words.

So there you have it, I enjoyed sharing these 12 days of artsy fun with you; hope you drop by to view the completed pieces and possibly a video. :)

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