Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 11 Big Idea Festival

Today's word is "Embrace"I chose to do another music themed page having to do with my passion for singing and learning to sing well. I plan to write about how I embrace the challenge to properly sing, and how I have fun in doing so.

The big heart with a treble clef in its center has become a favored symbol of mine. And then I decided to add the wavy music lines and notes. I added just a little gold emboss, and for the words in the gold frame, I used a fantasy letter stencil.

I like the final results, both simplistic and somewhat quirky, with an odd retro-fantasy feel.
I can truly say that this is the one page I actually have words for.....just writing them may take some time.

All right, one day left and a picture to go. Hope you drop by to see the final picture and maybe a video of all 12 pages. :)

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