Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 12 Big Idea Festival

All righty, the last word for Big Idea Festival on BPC is "Play".  For my page on play the very things that came to mind were the things I enjoy right here at Pearllight Studio.  I had fun playing around with the page to make it look pretty, and it came out beautifully.

To get my symbol perfect I simply printed it out and made a paper stencil. Then I used colored pencil here and there, and lots of embossing. One thing you can't notice, as usual, is the sparkly clear stuff on the shell and pearl. Those details may show up if I do a video.  Anyway, a little extra interest that I tried for the first time was adding some craft flowers with a pretty gem center. I also used white pastel to give that pearl some extra glow. And in case you're wondering, I used the fantasy letter stencil for the words.

So there you have it, I enjoyed sharing these 12 days of artsy fun with you; hope you drop by to view the completed pieces and possibly a video. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 11 Big Idea Festival

Today's word is "Embrace"I chose to do another music themed page having to do with my passion for singing and learning to sing well. I plan to write about how I embrace the challenge to properly sing, and how I have fun in doing so.

The big heart with a treble clef in its center has become a favored symbol of mine. And then I decided to add the wavy music lines and notes. I added just a little gold emboss, and for the words in the gold frame, I used a fantasy letter stencil.

I like the final results, both simplistic and somewhat quirky, with an odd retro-fantasy feel.
I can truly say that this is the one page I actually have words for.....just writing them may take some time.

All right, one day left and a picture to go. Hope you drop by to see the final picture and maybe a video of all 12 pages. :)

Day 10 Big Idea Festival

Today's word is "moment".  Since I couldn't really find anything I was thrilled to capture the moment about, I decided to make a page on what kind of moment I'd like to have.

If this page had writing I think it would say, "Go ahead and take a moment to enjoy the little things in life. Make yourself cozy by lying in nice cool grass on a warm day, and look at all the fluffy clouds above you. Go on, take a moment to relax, maybe even fly a kite.
Now this is just a fantasy of mine, but my dislike of grass stains and bugs gets in the way of me actually flopping on the ground without something beneath me.

This time I didn't use any embossing in the picture, a common trait in my other pages. No, this time I  went with colored pencil, pastel, a small amount of stamping, some marker, and a little bit of scrapbook paper.  Since I messed up on the kite and its string location, I made another one and added it over top of the first with a little sticky foam. I liked it even more after that. See, sometimes mistakes can lead to better ideas.

Ok, only two days left, feel free to drop by and see the final results this Friday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 9 Big Idea Festival

Today's word is "Free".  I took a simple approach of doing less embossing and more regular stamping this time. My color scheme consisted of white, blue, and yellow; with a hint of gold emboss and of course green. 

I chose the dragonfly stamp because it has birds in it; and to me birds plus the dragonfly shape, both flying creatures, work for the word free. Free to fly away, free to enjoy the beauty of flowers, and so on.

I feel like this page came out better than a few of my last ones, considering it's based more off the design of my very first page...... the one that was most liked, yeeeeah.....

Anyway, only three days left, be sure to drop by and view all my work at the end of twelve days.
Hope you like the next three, whatever those might be.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 8 Big Idea Festival

Today's word is "Live".  for some reason the thing that came to mind was an ocean theme. Maybe it's because water has to do with life. Anyway, I'm not really sure what I'm going to write on the page, as usual. But I had fun creating the waves and little boat floating on top.

I find myself become sorta sluggish, considering I've done a page a day for over a week now that's probably why. 

I'm still trying to stick to one style as part of challenging myself, so I'm still sticking to embossing and colored pencil. Though sometimes the embossing doesn't always work the way I want it to; like that blob of a circle in the corner of the sea shell picture. That was actually a compass but ended up looking like a gold coin. And the words are hard to read but it says Adventure. I was going for a post card look, and added some white chalk to lighten the background for more of a paper look. And you can't really tell since the scanner doesn't pick up on it, but I added some sparkly emboss to the edges of the shell.

 So that's what I did for today's word, I'm fairly happy with how it came out, and I'm going to try and finish the next four pages to complete the class.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 7 BIg Idea Festival

 Ok, day seven's word is "Cherish".  Since I wasn't too in the mood to do a page today, it didn't turn out quite so extravagant. In fact it's really quite simple....almost too simple in my opinion. But the whole point was to bring focus to the picture of me and my best friend when she still lived here. I cherished the moment captured through this picture because we were at a pizza place for dinner and just being near her made me happy.

I did my best not to distract from the photo, but still keep color coordination going on the page. So I colored the stamped design with colors that were going on in the picture, including ones you wouldn't notice too much; like the yellow flowers in the background behind my right shoulder.

Anyway, this page was quick and easy, and was about the only thing I could think of to express a moment I cherished.

Now since the cherish page doesn't please me too much, I also wanted to share one of my favorite journal pages, also having to do with a moment I cherished with my friend. This was taken outside in her front yard, and to my delight I had the most perfect color matching scrapbook paper I could get my hands on. It amazes me how well it picks up on the photo. And then I added the dimensional butterfly stickers to give it a little more "pop" . So I know I'm happy with this page because to me it's prettier and well thought out.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 6 Big Idea Festival

Today's word is "Nest".  Since I don't actually have a true nest of my own I thought about the artistic nest going on in the living room. As an artist my nest is made of paper, pens, and glitter. So I drew a girl sitting in a nest made of those materials, and as you can see she's waiting for a bright idea to hatch. So some eggs may just be glitter filled eggs, or possibly a representation of the imagination at work.

Whatever, it's sorta of an odd picture and a somewhat childish concept, but it worked for the word in my opinion.

At first I was going to make the nest out of actual paper scraps, but found it was easier just to draw them in. I like to think of the pens I drew as twigs and the paper as soft stuff birds use to line the nest.
For all the leaves of the page I  used part of a stamp which was actually a flower hooked to a stem and leaves. It was a bit tricky, but I got it to work.

Another interesting discovery I made while working on this project is that embossing powder works on any sticky material. It stuck to the gold gel pen of the girls bodice and melted right on. That led to me trying it on white paint pen which was used to make the glitter filling of the egg; and sure enough, it worked.  And just to add to the whole nest feel I added a feather and gem to the girl's hat.

So that is day 6, hope you like it. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 5 Big Idea Festival

Today's word is "Enjoy".  And I truly enjoyed myself in making this page.  I've always enjoyed a good cup of coffee, and what better way to express it. 

This time I hand drew and colored the entire doodle and swirly steam clouds around the page. And then I used a mix of colored pencil, marker, and pastel to color things in. Then I did a little stamping up in the corner with my favorite coffee stamps. I had to color the word "Give" with a black marker since our printer has been running out of ink and prints in gray.

So I enjoyed sharing this page with you, hope you enjoy looking at.  Now counting down one week of picture making to go.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 4 Big Idea Festival

Today's word is "Give" .  While I worked on this page I felt like giving up now and then since it didn't seem to be coming out the way I hoped. After I fully worked on it and pushed myself to finish I guess it's no so bad. But still there seems to be something about it that daunts me. It could just be artist syndrome where you as the artist always feel like somethings wrong with your art.

Anyway, I was thinking about writing something like how I give my love to those who need it. But I'm still contemplating on the write choice words for the actual page that will go in my journal someday.
Honestly I feel like this art I'm doing has no meaning or purpose, I'm just doing it because I need something to do.

One other thing I became part of was this thing called WOYWW, which I confess, discovered about through my only followers blog. I thought the site sounded interesting and decided to give it a try. Of course what you see on my blog now and for the next eight days is what's on my work desk. And soon displayed on here.

If you have any advice or just a simple comment of liking I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the pages.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 3 for Big Idea Festival

All right, today's word is "Less".  Reason for such a late blog post is because I practically just finished it. I guess you could consider me a midnight artist.

One thing I will mention is that this page is the original image before I digitally added text in. The one with text is on Big Picture. Reason being is because I wasn't fully sure if I considered the words I wrote official text for the actual page itself.  If you're curious, this is what I wrote, "Lets face it, we all wish life had less heart ache, But I've noticed the less you think about how sad things are, the less burdensome your day may be."

As before, I used brown craft paper, a material I may use for all the 12 pages. And just like yesterday I hand drew the girl, who came out looking very close to the way I do.

You may not notice it, and thankfully the brown paper has a golden-like appearance, but I actually forgot to add color to the lines of the pillow the girl is leaning on. But since the brown paper is a gold color it's not noticeable, and actually compliments the rest of the page.  

 Also, I added collage this time by cutting a heart out of some purple scrapbook paper. And then I did some black embossing on it. At first I was thinking about making a cracked heart look since this page sorta has to do with heart ache, but I didn't have the materials to pull it off so it would still fit with the old style of the page; So I improvised.

At first I was thinking about doing black embossing on the edge, but after thinking about it, the gold still worked better since it picked up on the gold in the pillow.

So there you have it, day 3 journal page. Be sure to check back for more, if I last that is..... :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2 for Big Idea Festival

Ok, similar style to yesterday, only with a hand drawn touch. Today's word is "Wonder" . Again, I didn't add words just because I want to save these pages for the right or special moment.

I think that I may continue this style for the rest of our 10 words to go. I like the look and find this set up useful for journal pages. And I'm beginning to love brown craft paper; it works marvelously with colored pencils. 

I'm thinking that this page may be used for a time I'd like to tell about the wonder of singing. After all, I love singing, even if practice is difficult.

Anyway, I hand drew the singing girl, and used a stamp for the top right corner, just like yesterday. Then I used colored pencil for the two, which is why it's so soft and glowy in appearance. Again I did gold embossing on the top and little bit of the left edge. I was thinking about adding embossing all the way around, but decided that would be way too gaudy. The final touch was some clear glitter emboss to the pearl necklace and there you have it, a journal page of wonder.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1 for Big Idea Festival on BPC

First word of the day for the Big Picture Classes website Big Idea Festival is "Share".  Since you may not understand where I'm coming from, here is what this free class on Big Picture is: It's where you have twelve days, and each day has a word given by one of the teachers on Big Picture. They provide a template you can use, having to do with the word , or you can make you're own. They randomly give away prizes meaning that you may be lucky and get something just for showing your work.
Anyway, I'm going to do my best and try to keep up with each day till all twelve are finished.

This page I plan to use in my journal someday. Right now the words to write on the page haven't quite formed in my head, which is why it remains incomplete. But don't worry, when I do finally find a purpose for it, I may show you when it's part of my book.

I used the template provided and printed it out on brown craft paper, card stock- like in thickness. At first I was going for as music theme, but then dragged away and started contemplating on how I like to share stories with friends, which is where the whole butterfly fairy stamp came in. That may actually be what I use the page for, to say how I like sharing stories. Anyway, after stamping the butterfly on, I colored it with colored pencil. Then the flowers on the edge were gold embossed. I also stamped the top and bottom edge to pull it together. As a final touch I added a little transparent glitter embossing to the butterfly's wings and to the little fairy body in the middle. It's hard to notice the glitter, but it's there. So for the most part, it may have been what I consider a slight cheat page, but it still came out pretty.

Perhaps in the end of twelve days, if I last that long, I can make a video and display each of the twelve pages. But that's only a maybe.........

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Magical light of the Summer Night

I know it's sorta late for lightning bugs, but I finally made this picture magical in appearance.

The image itself is from a Dover coloring book that I scanned and printed out on watercolor paper. Then I went and painted it with acrylic. As for the gold designs on the bug, those were my own special touch done with gold jell pen. I guess to give it an even more whimsical feel.

Again, the background that looks like clouds and a coast line in the distance was actually a mistake due to the wash being uneven, so I went with it and sure enough it came out more magical than I intended.

My original intention with this picture was to add a fairy riding on top of the lightning bug, but I decide not to go with it since out of my families opinion it was pretty by itself.

The final touches I added to this picture was done digitally. I went and took images from a Nouveau Dover image CD and then adjusted them to size and added them as flowy plant life in the foreground. After that was finished I added some color to the flowers and added more glow to the lightning bugs. Then to make it feel really night-like I adjusted the brightness, and Ta-da, ended up with the final piece.

Now just because I added in the plants digitally doesn't mean I couldn't have done it with actual collage. Digitally is just less time consuming.....not to mention I don't know how else to get that perfect glow with actual media.

Well hope you enjoyed this picture that in my opinion portrays the magical feeling of lightning bugs in Summer.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Set of Vintage Jewelry

Isn't this vintage jewelry set gorgeous. I got it at a store called Plantiques; the place has great deals for for certain things, especially for vintage jewelry and antique memorabilia.
This necklace and earring set only cost six dollars, I couldn't believe it. And it goes perfectly with one of my favorite outfits.

Here's a close up of the piece. I just love the way it sparkles. Of course I love sparkly things, but I think a lot of people do.

One thing that we had to do was convert the earrings to clip on's since I don't have pierced ears. But they still look fine even converted.

A Pearl Discovered

I felt like sharing an old piece of digital artwork I did several years ago, I'm guessing around 2009 or so.

It's been the longest time since I've been able to look at the old digital art I did through the years due to our family computers mother board dieing. But that problem was solved when we got something to take all the backup files off. So now I have my art work back at my fingertips.

Why I felt like posting the mermaid discovering a pearl, I don't know. I just figured it sorta complimented the previous post of my macrame' necklace which designs name is, "Mermaid's Trove Necklace" I guess that answers my reasons... :P

You can tell this picture is older, the shading is squiggly and things are somewhat out of proportion; but hey, it's still pretty cute to me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Macrame' necklace,

Since I faced a sudden issue of this beautiful piece breaking in one spot while it was on my neck today, I've decided to finally post my handy work.

Thankfully my sister was able to fix it. For a moment there I was beginning to think that I'd have to remake the whole thing, but thank goodness that wasn't the case. So here it is, the macrame' necklace that I did mostly on my own and was quite happy with after all the work I put into it. I did this a long time ago... the design is from a book I own, see below.

This book has beautiful designs to work with. Though in the case with my necklace we had to adjust it since the center bead was bigger than the size bead required in the book.

In the end about two, three weeks of work and many hours of patience, and I ended up with my necklace. My working surface by the way, was some padding and a pillow case attached to a clip board. Oh, and lots of pins. Also the strings were so long that it was like trying to weave mermaid hair. It got very annoying, but that problem was fixed when we wrapped each strand on thread cards.

Here is a final close up of the piece. Someday I may make a matching bracelet. By the way, this necklace happens to be some of my favorite colors.

I sure hope this won't break again, considering all the work I had to do...... I'm almost afraid to wear it now.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cirque Music

Another thing that came in our order today was the Cirque Du Soleil sheet music booklet and also the KA' music album, also done by Cirque.

If you like Cirque music this book is the way to go, and is also about the only music book for Cirque that's easy to find. It has a fun collection of songs from different Cirque shows, all except the more recent ones.

This is the KA Cd. I like most of the songs from this show and really wish they would make a video of the show itself. KA happens to be my favorite Cirque show out of them all.

If your curiosity is piked, here is one of my favorite songs from the show, known as "Love Dance". And yes, this is included on the CD.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Color Theory Book

Yay! Our order from Amazon came today and now I can finish reading this color theory book. I read part of it, but the book belonged to the library, meaning I didn't get to finish; so now I have my own book. You can hand me a story book and I won't read it, but you hand me an instructional book of some kind, especially having to do with art, and I'll sit for awhile to read.

This book, so far from what I read, is quite a useful book to have on hand. It even tells you how to set up for painting and then guides you step-by-step on making a personal color wheel. I recommend this book if you want to understand color better.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Illustration Friday "Obsession"

This weeks word, "Obsession" inspired me to make this picture. This would be my obsession for paper and pens. I enjoyed giving the girl a somewhat zany, cute look. It took me awhile to decide her clothing color since I was trying to make her stand out on the dark brown bookcase, and yet not make her so overly bright that it hurts to look at. I ended up using some of my favorite colored blues, resulting in an outfit I would love to wear.

I painted the background with acrylics on vellum paper, used brown scrapbook paper to make the book case, and the rest was done on card stock then colored with colored pencil.
And as for the pens the girl is holding , also the ones in the cups, I just used my jell pens to give them color.

Enjoy...... :D