Friday, July 15, 2011

A large drafting project

I finally finished my drafting project today. The reason I set out to do this large project is so I could have a reference to put in my journal of where I was at certain times when I was hanging out at my friend's house. It almost drove me crazy making it, that's why I had to take frequent breaks. But finally I finished, and now I need to fold it up and make an envelope for it.

Maybe someday when I fully finish my journal, I'll show you all the pages......somehow.

Anyway, I had to clear a whole bunch of stuff off my desk to make room for this large sheet of paper. and then with a very large and a fairly small T square, I began the task of making the house and outer border. Though time consuming and requiring some math, I feel it was worth the trouble. When it comes to the T squares I used , I call the large one "Big Brother" and the small one "Little Sister". Not sure why those are the names that came to mind, but I thought it was cute.

Since the page was so big, I had to stand on a step stool and take a picture from above to get the full view. It felt funny standing over my work like a giant, but hey, it worked.

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