Monday, July 25, 2011

K'Nex Microphone Stand

 Remember I said I'd get back to you on my microphone experiments? Well here's what I finished doing today, a microphone stand made out of K'Nex pieces.

Since a real stand cost quite a bit, and I've been getting annoyed with having to hold the mike while talking, I decided to make my own. I've had this idea forming in mind before I even got the microphone.

I guess it's true, when one is poor, creativity is at it's strongest. This project was actually fun to build, though I didn't quite make it exactly to what I hoped; I actually wanted to make it adjustable, but couldn't figure out how since the mike is so heavy. So I just figured out how to weight things correctly, ensuring it wouldn't topple over.

This is the back view of it. As you can see, I placed two pegs at the end to keep it in place. If it weren't for those pegs the stand would be practically worthless.

You could say this is a nerdy project. But when one is bored it helps the time pass.

This is the front view, as you can see. I added just enough support to make it stable.

Hope you had fun looking at this creative project. Don't worry, I may do more....

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