Saturday, June 25, 2011

CFC (Week 3) part 2- "Seaside Treasure"

 Since I still wanted to try the Vignette, I tried making another picture. At first it started out with more of a vignette format, but the look just wasn't doing the trick for the project, so I ended up chucking the idea of vignette at a certain point and just decided to do what I wanted and felt fit the picture. The composition I ended up with, "A Little Seaside Treasure", may not be a vignette as I planned, but it came out cute anyway.

Since I was happy with my work, I posted it on the site just for the heck of it. Claudine liked what she called the watercolor affect of it. Her exact words, "Beautiful watercolor affect!!"

The Process
Very simple actually. All I did was take a 6'' by 6'' piece of Vellum paper, then I made a background with pastels. The fairy was an improved Dover book image that I did, then I drew a shell beneath her and colored the two with colored pencil. To get the translucent look on her dress tails I lightly colored where things would show through, then went over it with white pastel. Something interesting I discovered while trying to erase a pencil mark is that pan pastel is erasable. This resulted in me taking my gummy eraser to the sky so I could get that fluffy cloud look. After using a white pastel pencil for those final little touches, I went out and sprayed the picture with a mat finish so it wouldn't smudge everywhere.

A good note to remember: (Make sure you're hands are clean of black pastel before working on the lighter areas, I almost messed things up because of that.)

Just so you know, the fairy is holding a pearl, in case you couldn't tell. :)

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