Friday, June 24, 2011

CFC part 2 (Week 2) "Good Morning Kitty"

 (Note, above is is updated from Sept. 2, 2014. Storybook syle applied)

This is the second composition I did for week two on composition for collage. My inspiration for this piece came from the way our cat sits at the table waiting for you to give her milk.

The title I gave this piece is, "Good Morning."

The vintage look was inspired from Claudine's style, and I decided to make my own vintage version of art. I like the style and certain colors of the 50's;that whole retro look has a certain feel to it I just can't resist, especially when it comes to the machines of that era.
This composition, again, took me several days to complete.

The Process

I began sketching out my kitchen layout on watercolor paper, then used paint tape to protect the outer border. The process of painting was interesting; I tried out my new Artist Loft paints and noticed there was a difference in drying texture. Instead of feeling slightly sticky like latex on paper as Reeves paint feels when dry; the Artist Loft has a smoother, slightly rougher feel to it once dry. I discovered this after painting on a test sheet.
Mixing the colors was fun.
I loved the over all creaminess of the paint, not just in painting, but in mixing. :)
The only thing I painted on thickly were the cupboards. Everything else in the background was done with more of an acrylic wash.
When it came to choosing the look of the curtains in the picture, I went searching through our 1930's fabric bin. After picking up scraps here and there I settled on this polka dot one as my inspiration. With a little adjusting I painted the curtains in a similar pattern, only I left out the red dots and smaller blue speckles. My main goal in the picture was to keep things in pastel colors of blue-green, pink, and yellow. I question whether the picture would have had an even more vintage look with the red though;since red was "In" for kitchen appliances in the 50's.

After completing the painting process I went on to coloring my collage pieces. Again I used colored pencil for this.

After asking my brother for some advise, he said my cat looked like a rat. It bugged me after that and I was determined to make my cat look like a cat. My sister made several sketches for me and after about five tries I ended with two I like.

These two I had trouble deciding over. The one on the left wasn't as cat-like and my brother liked the one on the right better. In the end I settled with the one on the right since it was fat and looked like it didn't need any more milk. The cat is based off of my cat Lucy, who's fat and has the same hair color.

After adding color to my character's skin, I added a little blush and glow with my pan pastels. Just a dab of red on the cheeks and a swipe of white over the skin gave her that life-like glow I always love.Something I like to do with all my collage projects before gluing is trace around them with pencil so I remember their placement. You just have to be careful about this depending on the material you're working on and whether you plan to erase the excess pencil marks that may show slightly.
When it came to gluing, I realized I didn't have enough tacky glue to water down. So I used Elmer's glue instead. The only advantage about Elmer's is that you can paint with it strait out of the bottle, no water required. It's alright for gluing, but I highly recommend tacky glue or
some other strong glue for projects, especially if you're dealing with thick paper like card stock. Another highly useful tool for keeping things smooth is a brayer. It roles out any unwanted lumps and bubbles; though it helps to make sure your paper is flat when you place it anyway. For the table cloth and cupboards I used the Elmer's, but as for the smaller elements I used tacky.

The final step was to simply cut off the excess edges of the paper and it was done.

The table seemed too large, the same mistake I made on the office picture; but rather than trimming the bottom off I just cropped the picture. Reason for this is because some of the ladies in the class thought this looked like a children's book illustration, and this gave me an idea. I plan to save that extra space in case I ever want to add a text box.
A final close up for extra details. Even with some frustration involved, the final piece was worth it.

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