Friday, June 17, 2011

CFC part 2- (Week 1) "A Day At The Office"

This is my second composition I made during the first week on asymmetry. "A Day At the Office" is what I named it, and the title stuck like glue. At first I had too much desk in the picture so I posted it when it was incomplete and asked for advice. Claudine suggested cutting off about an inch from the bottom, and the results were satisfying. This piece took me much longer than my first, (Several days to be precise), but in the end it was well worth the effort. Again I used several elements from the fliers such as the man, the office chair, and the fan. My whole inspiration came from the man and his tie blowing, which sparked the idea of a fan across the room. That then led to me trying to figure out the environment he should be in, and at first I thought a news room, but as I played around with different things I ended up with an office picture.

The city in the window was a pain to draw and color (All those little windows) but it worked. Most of the desk supplies, excluding the piles of paper here and there, I hand drew on certain images in the fliers that I wanted to transform. That's how I ended up with the old telephone, typewriter, and red pencil cup with pencils. As for the calender, I drew that then glued an image from a spaghetti box on it.

The walls of the picture needed color and I wanted to give them an old plaster look, so I mixed up a pleasant green color and scraped it on with my palette knife to get that textured look.

I couldn't believe how many people liked this picture in the class gallery, but I'm happy they did and glad that I inspired a few.

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