Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Paints

Since I've been doing more projects that include paint as an important medium, and I was wanting something a little creamier and smoother than the Reeves acrylics I've been using, I finally went out and got some Artist Loft paints for a try.
At first I thought I'd like to find some Studio paints in the pretty pastel colors that Claudine Hellmuth sells; but then my brother suggested Liquitex paint, which he believed had the same creamy consistency I was looking for. I was skeptical at first, but went to Michaels to check them out anyway. After seeing the price for a single bottle I felt like giving up the idea of creamier paint and just sticking with Reeves; but then I noticed that the Artist Loft paints were a little cheaper and over all would add up to less, so I settled with those.
Indeed they're creamy and work just as well as the other brands, and with a little color knowledge you can make anything imaginable with the primary colors alone.

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