Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ilustration Friday- Midsummer Night

This is my first try at illustration Friday, and I'm happy to participate.

I feel this could have been better, but it just came out the way it wanted to. I sorta had a late start on the project, so I sorta pushed myself and tried to rush it just a tad. But I managed to finish just on time and I'm happy about it.

The name, (A Midsummer "Knight's" Dream ) is what came to mind when I read the topic for this week. I thought the pun was perfect, and at first I was thinking about making a manly knight, but then my sister inspired me to do something even better. And so, here we are staring at a quirky, modern knight, ( Also known as a nerd in cos-play armor), dreaming of being a real knight and winning the princess's hand.

The Process
I started off by drawing my beginning elements on watercolor paper. Then I pen and inked the tree, the small branches being my favorite part of inking.Next step was painting. The sky was done with an acrylic wash, and the clouds were unintended but it just happened because some spots just wouldn't coat properly, so I went with it. The ground and tree on the other hand were watercolor washes, it worked much better for me.After the basic stuff was done, I added grasses to the background with more acrylic.A final step for the basic image was giving the tree some leaves by dabbing it with an acrylic caked sponge. From here I took my hand drawn collage elements and traced them on, then added shading with brown pastel. For the dream bubble I used tracing paper and colored pencil, I wanted it to have a slightly transparent look, so that worked. Once I finished gluing everything on, I painted more grass in the foreground. And the last final touch was to add lightning bugs with a jell pen.

In case you're curious, here's a sketch process page of different images for our nerdy knight's dream. I chucked a couple images and settled with the ones that worked for me.

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