Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Hello My Friend "

This is my third composition I did during week one, but I never posted it to the gallery. The title "Hello My Friend" seemed to do the trick since that's what I imagined the fairy saying.

I started off by painting a piece of white scrapbook paper in a pleasant blue green tone, then added a white wash over top of it since the color seemed too dark for my taste when it dried.
As far as the flowers go, the center bunch was leftover from an image page I printed out for another project and the other bunches came from a Dover Art Nouveau Motifs book we own.
Everything needed color that was soft and dream-like, so I used my Prismacolor Pencils. At first I really wanted to give the fairy a soft glow and tried to mix my primary color pan pastels into a pale flesh tone, but that soon got annoying and I just couldn't get the right tint; so then I got the idea to use colored pencils for her skin and then layer white pan pastel over top of it. To my delight it worked and gave it just enough glow, (Though I still plan to get the flesh-tone pan pastels, someday.....).

I felt like the bottom of the picture was missing something, so I decide to do more paint stamping to give it that planty feel. Once it was dry and I put the pieces on it looked much better. But then something else seemed to be missing and the picture still didn't seem to have the right balance, so I went and found a dragonfly from my scrapbook supplies that picked up on the other colors in the picture. Once that was added everything seemed to pull together just fine.

A final touch to the fairy was some translucent embossing powder to the top edges of her wings, just for a little sparkle. ( Sometimes I wonder if the picture could use more sparkle? Couldn't hurt..... I don't think.)

Anyway, this picture was fun to make and I like the dreamy feel to it, hope you do too.

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