Sunday, June 19, 2011

CFC (Week 2) "Madam Valentines Holiday"

As my first composition on horizon for week two in the class, I really gave it some thought before deciding what kind of picture to make.
As I browsed through my images I remembered a picture of an old train station I saved and instantly had an idea forming in mind.
What took me several days of thought and work process, ended up being well worth the effort in the final result, which I entitled, "Madam Valentine's Holiday" ( Name inspired by my sister)

The Process
This was the image before I started working with it. As you can see, it's much darker in color. I found it while browsing through Google images. Unfortunately, being a low resolution image and having an ink jet printer that makes things darker in color when printed, the image came out on the fuzzy, dark side. But regardless of this, I decided to use it and make dew with what I had. (Note, this is an image of the old
Union train station in Washington D.C.) After getting my background, I went and browsed through all the images I saved from graphics fairy till I found just the right characters for the picture. Then to shrink them down to proper size I put the images into Works Word Processor and adjusted them till they were all done and on one page for printing. (Note how the red pencil in the picture is pointing from the woman's head to the body I drew her before they were colored) Once that was done I looked through the people I chose to see which ones worked the absolute best, then added color to them with colored pencil, as you can see from the example above.

When it came to choosing Madam Valentine's head I worked with these three choices. I asked myself which one had a mysterious look that a lady in red would? The one on the left I felt had too innocent a look, and the one on the right was looking the wrong way; so I went with the one in the middle who had a face that was both beautiful and mysterious in my eyes.

Making the Bodies
Making the bodies for the characters that didn't have any was relatively simple. For the main character, Madam Valentine, and for the man second largest to her, I placed their cut out heads on a sheet of paper then drew seven to eight heads to estimate proper length of their bodies. Then, starting from their shoulders, I made a pencil outline and formed their structures then added clothes. Once that was finished I went in with colored pencil and made them stand out. After their bodies were complete, I glued their heads to the backs and"tada", you get a complete character.

Cutting Tools

When it comes to doing projects that have very small, intricate pieces involved; and you want to get as smooth an edge as possible; I rely on my straight, pointy thread scissors and my very handy razor pen and cutting pad, which my mom found brand new at a yard sale.
The razor pen I mostly use for cutting areas the scissors can't get at, like the inner part of of the suitcase handles in the picture.

The very last thing I did once everything was glued on the page, is outline the architect with colored pencil to help things pop out since the resolution was low and everything seemed kinda dark. And finally to make the picture come to life, I adjusted the intensity and color on the computer to give it more of that sunlit glow.

(A quick reminder, the whole time I worked on this project I remembered to apply asymmetry even in such a spread out setting. If you look closely at the picture, you'll notice almost all the men have their eyes directed at the lady in red.)

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