Saturday, June 25, 2011

CFC (Week 3) "Snow Fairy"

Week threes lesson was on Vignette. I had trouble figuring out what to make and still feel I didn't fully succeed in the vignette look; but I gave it a try with what I'd say is the second full blown digital collage I've ever done. Digital collage is actually very new to me and I was only able to pull it off after I downloaded a free program known as Paint.Net, which is like photo shop without the price.

To give a brief explanation to what vignette is; it's basically when you have very little space to work with and lots of small elements you want to use, and you just sorta figure out an artistic way of cramming it into the center of the page, leaving an outer border that pulls it together.
Like in old story books where there's a picture in the center of the page and it almost has that tunnel vision feel to it.

In the case with my picture above, "A Mid Winter Night Dream" , I tried my hand at the vignette look by centering the picture and leaving an outer border. It still didn't seem to apply to the class, but I decide to share it anyway and ask Claudine what she thought. Surprisingly, Claudine believed it could be considered a vignette; but regardless of her opinion I may try to do a better, truer vignette someday.

In case you're wondering the process of how I made this picture, it's really quite simple. I went and found a good background border image and then found the perfect center background image, and then I went and found a picture of a dancing belly dancer. With her I went in with Open Canvas and covered her belly, then added the over skirt along with some extra sparkles and jewelry. And then after changing her color, I added dragon fly wings that I cut and pasted from a post card image. Since I didn't like their green color with the blue, I went and changed it too. Finally, after putting her together I went back in to Open Canvas and added her glowing reflection on the ice, along with the glowing white spots that represent other snow fairies.

In case you're wondering, Here's what my picture looks like without the border.

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