Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CFC (Week 4) "Sleep Little Angel"

All right, this is the final composition for week four on grid, titled, "Sleep Little Angel" .

When it came to the grid technique, the things that came to mind were comic book panels and quilts. I thought about it for awhile then got the sweetest idea of a baby peacefully sleeping. Though she's more of a toddler, which was my intention.

To my slight irritation, my brother and Mom both think that the baby looks like Paula Dean.
And my dad thinks it looks like a little girls head on a babies body. But regardless of their opinion I think she's cute. I even joke about digitally adding a stick of butter in her hand and call her Paula baby. And I may actually do that some day .

Besides a try at using the grid technique, I also think this could be a vignette. Last night when I completed it, I just realized that, and was so happy that I unintentionally used the vignette technique.

The Process
After completing my baby with a few simple tricks, I cut a piece of watercolor paper to size and sketched out the quilt design. I didn't want to make the blocks completely straight or even in size; reason being is because I wanted the quilt to look like it was rippled from the weight of the baby. And the whole squiggly look gives it that child-like appearance.Again, my color scheme went by pastels. At first I thought to do blue, pink, and yellow blocks; but then I decided the yellow would be overpowering, so I decided to use a mint green instead. Once I painted everything in acrylic washes, I outlined the little ties and inner edge of the quilt with a gray colored pencil. As a final touch I added white polka dots on certain blocks with a paint pen. I felt the quilt was a little flat and that the polka dots gave it a better baby feel.Again, like I do with many of my projects, I outlined the baby on the page so I'd know her placement. I did a full outline so I knew where to shade.As you can see here, I made the whole outline and added lines where the quilt would be creasing from weight. Then I went over the lines with light blue pan pastel.

After shading,I smothered the page in Liquitex mat finish, then added the baby and smothered more on top of her. it's the first time I've ever tried sealing my collage piece with mat finish; and from my experience I can say this, it's like trying to paint with soft, room temperature butter. It can be a little sticky, so I added water to mine.

So, there you have it, it's been a fun four weeks of art making for this class, enjoy.

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