Friday, June 17, 2011

Composition for Collage (Week 1) "Playful Summer"

As of three weeks ago, starting on the 2'th of this month, I was signed up for an online art class through Big Picture . The class is on composition for collage, with Claudia Hellmuth as our teacher. This is the first time I've done an online art class and so far I think I like it.

Our first weeks assignment was on asymmetrical, which I soon discovered just meant that your picture was balanced. Claudine provided images for us to download and use in our art pieces, but none of the images appealed to my taste, so I resorted to finding my own.
After several days of having no inspiration I felt like giving up, but then I got determined and went rummaging through the Sunday paper. After browsing through all the fliers I found images that satisfied me and worked with each other. Once I found the girl and umbrella, I needed a background; and since I didn't want to use my good scrapbook paper on a project that was experimental, I went and painted the back of a cracker box with acrylics. At first the yellow clouds didn't seem right, but once I put things together it turned out fine.
Since the top of the girls head was missing I went and made her a hat, then added colorful jewelry. Her eyes were looking over so I knew to make the picture balanced she needed to be looking at something, that's when I decided to make a butterfly with colors that picked up on her necklace.
As I worked with the picture I decided it needed more in the corner, so I stamped with paint to make it look like plants. Once it dried it seemed to work.
The final step was to trim off the excess cardboard and take a picture.

Once I posted on the sight and got positive comments, it kept me driven to keep making more pictures and continue with the class.

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