Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scribble art

A certain art form I discovered long ago was scribble art, as I call it.
I used to do it on the old simple paint program when I was younger, but now that I've picked back up the nack of doing scriblers I use the Open canvas program.
Scribblers are quite simple, you just scribble all over a page and then look for a picture in it. Then once you erase the excess lines and add more to it, you get a scribbler picture.
This one is of a butterfly. It's kind of a creepy butterfly according to my one friend, but in my eyes it's kinda cute.
I also have other art forms besides scribblers, such as artistic journal pages, sketches, and drawings that include clothes design, robots, and other things as well.
This blog is for showing the art I've done and I may add new pictures when I make them.
So for anyone who likes art work and silliness, enjoy.

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